Style Tips for the Petite Woman

There are many women who would be considered petite, while it can definitely be a great thing to be on the smaller side, you may want to appear to be taller than you actually are. Unfortunately, many women and men seem to lose sight of how to properly dress to look taller. Fortunately, it’s not as intimidating as it may sound at first.

With these tips and tricks you’ll learn how to dress to look taller:

Wear Heels

This is by far one of the most iconic ways to make you look taller. Wearing high heels is a great way to create a long and lean look throughout the body while lifting problem areas. One of the best reasons to wear heels is that they can be paired with just about any outfit. They’re easily accessible and if you choose the right pair, comfortable.



High Waists

While they may be intimidating at first, high waists can help to elongate the leg line; this is especially helpful if you have a long torso and short legs. High waist trousers and jeans are not only helpful in making you look taller; they’re also becoming a fashion staple in every day wear with fashion trends. High waists aren’t just for pants though you can also find high waist skirts and shorts as well.


high waist


Embrace Monochrome

A monochrome outfit will help you to look not only taller but leaner as well. The reason for this is because too many colors tends to break up the body, rather than creating one long and lean line. If you have to wear something a little bit more interesting, mix it up with textures and patterns.




Keep it Unbuttoned

If you’re wearing layers like a jacket, keeping it unbuttoned or un-zipped will help to create an interesting line in your mid-section. The second you close it up, it creates a harsh barrier that breaks up the body.


Necklines will play a large role in how tall you look in an outfit; V-necks are a natural visual element that will help to create longer, elegant lines on the upper half of your body. This is especially true if you are opting to wear a skirt or a dress.




Vertical stripes are a great way to make you look taller. While used in moderation either on top or bottom, a thin vertical stripe will draw the eye upward.





Wearing long necklaces rather than short chunky necklaces will help to elongate your neck and chest. It is a great way to create pleasing lines while accessorizing your overall look.


Keep your outfits tailored and close to your body. Any cute flowing dresses or skirts create too many lines for the eye to follow. If you keep it lean and tight against your body, you will appear far thinner. Think pencil skirt.

Skinny Jeans

While they aren’t going to suit everyone’s tastes, skinny jeans are made to make you look taller. Since they’re tailored close to the body and often times made out of stretchy jean fabric, it’s easy to compress any problem areas and create long lines on your legs that aren’t interrupted by baggy pants.


skinny jeans


Avoid Cropped Pants

Cropped pants have a time and a place, but it isn’t when you’re trying to look taller. Cropped pants such as long shorts or capri pants cut the visual line of your leg too soon.


Layering light and airy fabrics will help to give you the appearance of a taller look. When layering, avoid any thick or heavy fabrics that can weigh you down.

Add a hat

Topping off your look with a hat not only adds height visually, it will give you an extra boost of height just like those heels.