Female shoe trends for the rest of 2015

Over the years, shoe lovers have been spoilt for choice and this year isn’t any different. There are lots of options to choose from. The popular shoes makers who have a rich history in innovative fashion design have also gone in heavily on production of some eye-candy footwear making it easier for the girls to choose really trendy this year. We spoke to Leksaker Online, who have this great infographic on this history of iconic shoes, about which shoe types every girl should have in 2015.

Lace Ups

This gladiator shoe style has been around for a while but it has returned this year, bolder and better. Expect to see more people wearing shoes tied up around the ankle or the calf. Designers have taken lace up shoes to new heights this year as they are now available from sandals to high heel format. You can choose to go with shoes with knee high laces or those that are ankle length; you are sure to look trendy!

Block Heel

Block Heel

High and skinny stilettos will take a backseat as heels that have width and support become more popular. With a super stylish block heel, you can give your feet the relief they need while remaining stylish. The block heel shoes are casual yet sexy so there won’t be need for you to sacrifice your comfort for sexiness.

Embellished Sandals

Embellished Sandals

These sandals are set to help a lot of females improve their casual wear experience. Expect to see more sandals with feathered details, fringes, buckles, jewellery etc. on sandals over the course of this year. Embellished sandals have massively improved the appeal of everyday casual wear.

Pointy Flats

It is almost impossible to go through the wardrobe of any trendy woman and not find pointy flats. However, the flats being produced this year have been redefined. This year’s flats mostly have sleek and slim silhouettes that are perfect for both work and play. With the pointed flats on offer this year, you will be able to look great on any outfit without the inconvenience that comes with a high heel.

Mule Kicks

Mule Kick

The mule kick has been modified so it is no longer shoes for older females. There are now many variants including floral, flat, chunky heel or thin stilettos meaning there is something for you regardless of your style. This is the shoe type to go for if you want something that is minimally sleek while retaining the flair of the 90s.



The flatform is another shoe style that will take this year by storm. These are clunky retro kicks that were mostly popular with designers and younger performing artists but today, it is the easiest way to experience the comfort of wearing a flip-flop while remaining classy. A flatform shoe is basically an elevated sandal with a touch of avant-garde. With this design aspect, you don’t have to deal with the delicate nature of kitten heels or vertiginous stilettos in order to be on trend.



Coloured shoes can instantly improve the appeal of any dressing. Designers know this and so they have taken things further by introducing shoes with three or four colours. A few years ago, you would probably look ridiculous wearing a multi-coloured sandal but today, it is very trendy. A quick tip for people buying multi-coloured shoes is to highlight one of the colours on the shoe by pairing it with a skirt or top that is similarly coloured.

With these exquisite female shoe designs, you are guaranteed to get shoes that are good enough for class and also good enough for parties! Here is a good piece that will help you make a statement with your shoes.