‘Angels Among Us’ Photoshoot by Robert MacNeil

I thought we’d feature something a little different in Beauty & Ruin today. Rather than our usual fashion shoots I wanted to focus on something a bit more artistic and avant-garde. This shoot comes from artist Robert MacNeil. I guess what appeals to me was the alternative look to the models as well as the angelic inference. What I like about Beauty & Ruin is that we cover a diverse range of topics and styles. Let us know what you think over on Facebook and Twitter. If you like it then we might see if Robert wants to feature a few more of his creations in the magazine. Here is his description of what drove the shoot:

Angels Among Us

The premise of ‘Angels Among Us’ was to capture the life of an Angel: from human to angel back to human again along with their fears, wishes, desires and angst.

When I created the series, something very interesting happened when I presented it to people. Depending on the placement and order of the images the viewers all saw something different. To some it was a story of two sisters, one lost only to watch over the younger. To watch her choices, and hopefully influence her to stay away from the dark side until her passing, only to create the cycle all over again but with the younger watching over the older sister now.

Others saw temptation and desire in the angels to live a life as a human while others saw joy or sadness. As an artist I would normally try to get the viewer to see what I wanted to show them but after such amazing reactions, I just want to step back and let people see what they want and enjoy the series for what it is.

However I do have two questions for the viewer:

  1. What do you see?
  2. Why do you see that?

Thank you for looking!

Robert MacNeil – Photographer
PH: 416-885-3833
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Aesthetic Mag AAU2 alter


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Angels Among Us 12


Angels Among Us 17


Angels Among Us 18


Angels Among Us 19























Photographer: Robert MacNeil




Terin Rothernel

Nicole Dufton

Stacey Kraemer (Dark Angel)


MUA: Nina Muller


  • Faren MacNeill says:

    SO beautiful, I would love to see some more! Very inspiring.

  • jess says:

    This is absolutely stunning! I have been a fan of Robert MacNeil’s work for years. I would LOVE to see more of these type of photos.

  • Suzy says:

    This is such an amazing departure from the usual fashion shoots. It makes you think and take another look at our ideas of beauty. I went to MacNeil’s website and he has a way of capturing the gritty aspects of life so well. It’s just fresh and fabulous!!!

  • Stephanie da Silva says:

    Love to see more! Gorgeous work. Refreshingly u ique and a much needed departure from so many shoots now a days and even series that blend together into one. There is a level of surreal meets gritty realness. Beautifully executed.

  • Ana says:

    Would love to see more of a darker spin on this theme. Images of power, dominance and confidence as well as beauty which undoubtedly will be the result of such images.


    Love the wings and models hair- I’m looking forward to seeing more of these and the interesting locations they are taken

  • em aken says:

    Love this concept!!!! I want more!!!!

  • Katie Jade Durham says:

    Would love to see the full story 🙂 such beautiful work

  • Terin Rothernel says:

    I’d love to see some more like this 🙂

  • Cassie Lydia Bragg says:

    I’d love to see more from this series!

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