How You Can Look 10 Years Younger

Age is a funny thing. It can sneak up on you when you least expect it and even though you may feel young at heart and youthful, it doesn’t mean the exterior matches those sentiments. So, what can you do if you are starting to notice the signs of ageing and it’s making you feel self-conscious? How can you turn back the hands of time and reduce the signs of ageing? Here are some ways you can look up to 10 years younger, ranging from simple steps to more in-depth procedures.

Get a New Hairstyle and Colour

Sometimes, it’s as simple as changing up your look and getting a new hairstyle and colour. It may be that your current style is ageing you and doesn’t complement your style. A new haircut will put a pep in your step and modernise your look immediately. Be sure to book an appointment with an experienced stylist who can make recommendations on what will suit you best.

Change Up Your Makeup Application

Makeup can also help you to appear younger; it’s all about choosing the right products and the application itself. As women age, the ‘less is more’ approach tends to work best. Heavy layers and thick products can sit in lines and wrinkles, emphasising them more. Opt for lightweight natural-looking products that highlight your features instead. As for the colours to choose from, soft neutral shades will help you to look fresh and youthful.

Start Using a Facial Massager

There are all kinds of beauty gadgets and tools that are nothing more than a gimmick, and then there are those that work. A facial massager falls into the category of tools that can work. When you massage your face, you will be increasing the blood flow, which then prompts a heightened level of oxygen in your facial tissue. This helps to improve elasticity and add lift to the jawline. It also helps to sculpt cheekbones and even helps eliminate puffiness.

Embrace Vitamin C

There are plenty of hero products out there that can combat the signs of ageing, but one that you don’t want to skim over is vitamin C. A vitamin C serum can do absolute wonders for your skin by brightening, tightening and even re-texturizing it.

Consider a Neck Lift

One of the most telling signs of age is in the neck. People often treat the skin on their face well using skincare products that protect from sun damage, target the early signs of ageing and ensure you have proper hydration. However, the neck doesn’t always get the same attention. Before you know it, you can have wrinkles and sagging skin which is a tell-tale sign of age.

Neck lift surgery is something that the Bella Vou clinic offers its patients, and this procedure works to lift and smooth out the neck area, making you appear more youthful. But how much does a neck lift cost? The neck lift cost will vary, so it’s best to schedule a free consultation to get personalised information.

All of these steps can help you to address the signs of ageing and take 10 years off your face.