What Are the Benefits of Virtual Team Building?

The restrictions imposed on us due to the coronavirus pandemic has meant that many of us are now working from home. While this can be a great way to save money travelling to work and buying lunch each day, it also comes with new problems. For example, working from home can make it difficult for employees to maintain a work-life balance; they can struggle to separate relaxing from working. This is because many people often work in their comfort zones, so in their bedrooms, a study or at the dining room table.

COVID-19 has meant that the majority of office workers are now doing this meaning more must be done to make the work from home life a bit more enjoyable. Experts recommend that team building is a great option for teams working from home, especially during the pandemic. What’s even better is that team building activities can take place virtually! Keep reading to find out some of the benefits of virtual teambuilding.

Fosters new relationships

There are various downsides to working from home, one of them being that we have limited face-to-face contact with our teammates. This usually means that we are restricted when getting to know them, limiting our chances to have a gossip around the office. What’s even worse is the fact that it is already quite difficult to make friends as an adult! Therefore, being closed away from the office and everyone with it only imposes these restrictions even further.

Virtual team building by Team Tactics, for example, serves as a great opportunity to allow your staff to communicate and simply have a laugh. Team building doesn’t always need to require a lot of thought, it can be a simple and fun activity too. Depending on what virtual team building event you choose, this can promote teamwork and act as a platform for employees to get to know each other more, paving the way for some new friendships!

Boost morale

Another benefit of virtual team building is that it can boost morale between teammates. As well as allowing to foster new relationships, boosting team morale is a fabulous way to get your employees into good spirits about work and life in general. Plus, there is no better way to do this in normal circumstances (out with COVID-19) than to plan a great team building activity. Lucky for us, virtual team building produces the same results! Investing in exciting non-work activities with workmates can help your team stay engaged with one another and the job as a whole.

Research has shown that team building activities can actually increase retention rates too due to the morale-boosting effect. For example, the activities can make your team happier in the work that they do and make them more comfortable with the rest of their team. Then when it comes to delivering that big project on time, the team and engage with one another and work together to reach the end goals.

Enforces positive emotions

Working from home can be very isolating and lonely. Not everyone lives with their family or a partner and going to work each day might be the only human or social contact people have. Transferring to the work from home lifestyle can be especially difficult for these people as they now have limited daily interaction. Virtual team building can combat loneliness when working from home and allow individuals to communicate and socialise with their team from the comfort of their own home.

Communicating with your team shouldn’t be all about work, you should make time for team building and other social activities too!