How Do You Get Started as a DJ?

Beginning Your Journey as a DJ

If you’ve always wanted to DJ, the first thing to remember is that nothing is stopping you and the sooner you get started the better. If it’s always been your dream, make some key investments in the technology and equipment you need and start pursuing it. There’s no time like the present to try and make your dreams a reality.

Getting the Right Equipment

The first step is to be sure you have the right equipment. You’ll want to think about a high quality DJ controller, amongst other things. If you’re getting started from the very beginning you might want to consider a dedicated DJ starter bundle. Some of them can even be used with your smartphone. This can give you an idea of whether or not it’s something you want to pursue, without having to spend a load of money on bulky equipment.

Remember, while it’s important to buy good quality, don’t simply spend all your budget at once. You can get great quality for affordable prices these days. If possible look at user reviews of products to find out what other buyers have thought.

Learn To Use It

It sounds obvious, but before you get stuck in you need to know exactly how to use the equipment that you’ve got. Thoroughly read any user manuals that come with your equipment, (we recommend looking at the gear offered by Bax Music), and consider some deeper reading – like an online guide, if you can find one with some authority. Similarly you can watch reviews online where you can see the product actually being demonstrated, and it might give you a few ideas as to where to get started.

Understanding how to use your equipment is essential. It’s not just making the music that matters, if you’re going to DJ professionally you need to understand how to put up your equipment and tear it down in a relatively short space of time.

Start Making Music

With that, you’re ready to just get stuck in – as the famous mantra goes “if you want to be a writer, start writing,” and the same applies to being a DJ. Whether you’re going to be making music for yourself or you’re going to be focusing on mixing, begin honing your art.

When you’re ready, you can start thinking about how to get yourself some DJ gigs so you can begin playing to actual people and hopefully start building your career.