How to Wear Y2K Fashion in 2022

Do you remember what you wore at the beginning of the 2000s? Maybe you still have some fashion items hidden in your wardrobe that date from the beginning of the century.

Well, it might be time to take those clothes out and start wearing them again. It looks like 2022 is all about that early 2000s aesthetic.

When we talk about early ‘00s fashion, we mean mini-skirts, tracksuits, cargo trousers, logos, diamond accessories, and saddle handbags.

This year, designers who were influenced by Y2K fashion include Tom Ford, Fendi, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney, and Victoria Beckham. Their recent collections and fashion shows all include fashion styles from the 2000s.

These designers are now paving the way towards a ‘00s revival.

As a result, some celebrities have already adopted Y2K fashion. These include Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid.

In this article we’ll explore three of the most popular Y2K trends for 2022. We’ll give you some tips to incorporate these trends into your own style.

Most popular Y2K trends for 2022

  1. Double Denim

Double denim is the pairing of jeans with a denim jacket. The use of two denim materials is what creates a “double denim” look.

For a nice and balanced look, you can opt for a pair of jeans with a tight top and an oversized jacket.

A double denim look will usually require you to stay within the same color palette. Stick to denim blue and a neutral color, such as white, to make it look consistent.

Celebrities who have recently worn double denim include Austin Butler who stars in the new movie “Elvis”.

There are different types of denim out there. Make sure you pick a denim material that you like.

There are also different jeans styles you can go for. Try to select a pair of jeans that fits your body type for an optimal fashion look.

Some of the jeans that exist include wide-leg jeans, straight-leg jeans, bootcut jeans, bottom bell jeans, and stacked jeans. There are other types of jeans you can turn to if none of the above suit you.

  1. Shiny outfits

The early ‘00s were also filled with shiny fashion items. The recent Y2K fashion trend is seeing the return of these shiny items.

One of the most popular is the metallic puffer jacket. Kendall Jenner recently wore one while skiing in Colorado.

Other popular shiny fashion items include skin-tight pants that highlight your curves and your legs. Kim Kardashian was seen wearing a silver shiny pair of pants, confirming suspicions that the Y2K fashion trend is back.

If you don’t want to go for something as bold as a metallic puffer jacket or a pair of silver latex pants, you can opt for a shiny top or a shiny piece of jewelry.

Diamante belts were also very popular in the early ‘00s, along with diamante chokers and other “diamante hair accessories”.

  1. Velour tracksuits

For a comfortable and stylish outfit, look no further. Velour tracksuits are back in style this year.

Velour tracksuits are convenient and time efficient. The top and bottom part of a tracksuit will usually be color coordinated.

You can add another touch of color to your outfit by accessorizing it. For example, you can add a bag or a pair of sunglasses in a different color to balance out your look.

The revival of the velour tracksuit has been attributed to Kim Kardashian and her latest SKIMS collection.

Whether or not tracksuits are for you, this look is back in fashion this year.

How you can incorporate these elements into your own style

If some of these Y2K fashion items appeal to you, you can mix them with your own style.

In order to do so successfully, you can start with something small.

For example, add a hair accessory into your everyday look such as a Y2K hair barrette. You can also go for a Y2K diamante belt or another piece of jewelry.

These items are easy to incorporate into your style and don’t require a radical fashion change.

If you want to go for something bolder, you can pair a Y2K fashion outfit with a modern bag or with modern shoes.

For example, pick a shiny, skin-tight pair of jeans and accessorize it with a more casual t-shirt. By mixing up these styles and fashion items from different eras, you’ll preserve your own sense of style while including new trends.

Final thoughts

In this article, we’ve discussed the revival of ‘00s fashion items and how you can mix these items with your own style.

We hope you have fun mixing fashion items from different decades to create a fun and original look.