How to enhance your work-wardrobe

We all like to look smart and presentable for work, especially those of us with high-profile jobs. However, workwear doesn’t have to be boring! Here’s how you can make your work-wardrobe look incredible with just a few steps.

Add colour

Depending on your profession and if colourful clothing is allowed, then go for a bold and bright dress or top. Adding colour to an outfit can really make it shine and creates extra dimension to what could have been a flat and boring ensemble. You could even try matching whichever pop of colour you decide to go for with your lipstick or eyeshadow for a fun and vibrant all-over look.

Wear tailored clothing

Clothing that fits properly looks so much better and you will feel better wearing it. You’ll look more put together, hold yourself better, and feel more confident. Tailored suits and women’s skirts are designed to add shape to your body and create a flattering appearance.

Before you aim to buy tailored clothing, take some measurements of your proportions with a fabric tape measure so that you can buy the most accurate garments or have them made for you.

Add jewellery

Again, depending on your job, you can jazz up a work outfit with the help of some jewellery. A pair of subtle earrings or a necklace should do the trick. You could try and use colours that compliment your current outfit or pick ones that juxtapose well to create a nice contrast. Remember to keep the jewellery tasteful and not to go overboard with it as some jewellery at work can get in the way and become a hazard or slow you down.

Add personality

Is there something that you are known for around the office? In your spare time are you a handmade jewellery creator or an avid handbag collector? Try adding one of these pieces to your work outfit and show off your personality with what you are wearing.

This is great for interviews or meetings where you might need a talking point to get the conversation off the ground. You can also get creative and be as adventurous as you like with this one. Just be sure to keep it profession-appropriate and pleasant for employees to see.

Go with the seasons

Complimenting your work outfits with the coming seasons can be a good way to spice up your wardrobe every quarter. You can use seasonal colours or patterns on your outfits to show you’ve thought about the day ahead. For example, in Autumn use colours like browns and burnt oranges along with patterns and prints such as leaves or even a dress or top with woodland creatures. For summer months, you can use bright, vibrant yellows, pastels, and stripes.