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Here at Beauty and Ruin we are always keen to support sustainable fashion because it is something that is dear to our hearts. Lite Apparel have recently launched an ethical and sustainable clothing line, and what’s getting us very excited is that it is entirely Brighton based – you know how much we like to support home-grown fashion.

From a very young age, I and a few Cottesmore St.Marys school-mates had always aspired and dreamt of starting our own clothing line.

Last week, it was truly a moment of where dreams became a reality, as a 14 year dream, and a 2 year full-on project finally launched in Lite Apparel.

We are all very proud of announcing the start of Lite, and are very gracious to have received the fantastic response we have so far.




We always knew that we wanted to be diverse and different. Although, at the same time we always felt that our designs were to be very simplistic and clean.

This is why instead of innovating through our design, we hoped to innovate through the processes and fabrics that comprised of our products.

I think anyone who is interested or involved in fashion will be very much aware of the movement of sustainable and ethical fashion.

However, we still believe that there is a lack of an inclusive conversation particularly with those who may not be as so fashion orientated.

With this, we hope to contribute and inspire a conversation that highlights the importance of ethical fashion – as well as imperatively being an inclusive one.

Ethical Fashion covers a range of issues such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, the environment, and animal welfare.

Due to these issues not occurring in any (I hope) of our neighborhoods, these may seem a little distant or far-fetched. Yet, they all are significant issues that must continue to be addressed and tackled together.

One statistic that really hit us hard is that to date 250 million 5-14 year olds are being exploited in hundreds of thousands of sweatshops around the world.

Unfortunately, a significant majority of our favourite high-street retailers have been discovered to, if not are even open to, utilising these.

We are very proud to have launched our first collection with the support of The Fair Wear foundation who ensure that all affiliated factories have:


  1. No use of child labour
  2. No use of forced labour
  3. Safe and healthy working conditions
  4. Legal labour contracts
  5. Payment of living wage
  6. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  7. No discrimination against employees
  8. No excessive hours of work


With this, we also wanted to ensure that we weren’t in anyway harming or affecting the environment through the creation of our products.




Through careful and meticulous attention we are very proud to share that all of our current 06.16 collection are comprised and formulated with 100% certified organic and traceable fabric – whilst imperatively all being created with award-winning energy efficient sustainable methods of production.

This is something we at Lite truthfully care about and want to remind that the best thing about being a consumer as that you have the power.  Although ethically or sustainably produced products are inevitably a little more expensive, the reason is simply because you are paying for a better quality product – and most importantly, a wage on which the individual who produced that garment can survive.





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