A Guide On How To Host A Memorable Corporate Event

Hosting a memorable corporate event can be beneficial for your business. It can do almost everything from boosting morale amongst the team to increasing sales for your clients. Successful corporate events do more than help a firm to nurture working relationships or create connections outside of the office. It can also be an excellent way to show appreciation and gratitude towards employees.

With the numerous benefits of hosting a corporate event, it is no surprise that many companies are looking for ways to host their own event. Whether it is to promote a product launch, celebrate accomplishments of the past year, interact with existing and potential clients or showing their appreciation for the team, a corporate event is an excellent opportunity to bring people together.

If you are looking to host the ultimate corporate event, one that your guests in attendance will be talking about long after the event is finished, then here’s a selection of ways to create a memorable corporate event.

Generate Buzz Around The Event

Before the event takes place, look at creating excitement around the event. Although a unique invitation might catch people’s interest, posting on social media teasers for the upcoming corporate event will help to build some excitement about the event. You can include photos of the venue, encourage people to interact by guessing what the theme will be or what entertainment there will be. You can discuss the dress code or ask for song requests.

By building this excitement around the event and encouraging guests to interact, you can generate enthusiasm around the event. As the date of the corporate event draws closer, guests excitement and energy levels will begin to rise in anticipation. As a result, this enables everyone to make the most out of the event from the second they arrive.

Think Outside The Box

Not all corporate events need to be held in a conference hall, where guests are provided with dinner and a show. Whilst these are effective ways, it can be challenging to make them memorable. You want your guests to enjoy themselves and the evening. However, if they remember very little from the event, then it will have done nothing for your cause.

Consider pushing the boundaries of what is possible and look at alternative venues to host an event. One alternative idea is a corporate festival. You can be creative in how you promote the event, creating festival tickets as the invitation and posting a festival themed line-up poster on social media.

Aside from being a unique summer party idea for your business, it also provides countless opportunities for team bonding, team rewards and brand promotion. Giving awards to employees or clients that are unique and off the wall will leave them with a memorable experience that they will talk bout for years. We are not just talking about a plaque or voucher but something collectible like an ongoing investment in stocks, bonds or precious metals that will grow with your time together.

During the event, you can feature music, food, moments to showcase the business and even offer a glamping experience. There are numerous corporate glamping experiences available, which can help you to create a truly unique and memorable corporate event. It could be an event that both employees and clients will be talking about long after the event has finished.

Continue The Connections

Just because the event is sadly over, does not mean your line of communication with attendees has to end too. Let your attendees know that you care. Take advantage of the contact information and profiles you have gathered during the event and use them to reach out post-event to keep in touch.

It does not need to be an in-depth message, it could be as simple as staying connected by asking for feedback on the event. Following initial follows ups, then you can start to create a dialogue between new and existing contacts. Maintaining this level of communication will help to foster the relationships created during your event and will help to increase the likelihood of additional business.

Capture The Day

For some guests, the memory of the event will be more than enough. However, as the organiser of the event, you will want to ensure that you have recorded how the day went. Invest in a photographer and even a videographer to capture all of the highlights of this memorable day. Having your event photographed or filmed will be beneficial for your business in a diverse range of ways. With the images and videos captured, you can share something that is tangible with your guests and all those who participated in the day.

For example, if you have a live band, they will most likely not pass an opportunity to have their performance filmed, neither would someone delivering a talk at your event. All those working the event might be appreciative of reliving the successful event through photographs and videos.

In addition to this, the photographs and images can be useful marketing materials for your business. All of which could prove to be useful when the time comes to host another event.

There are various details, both significant and small, that will help to create a memorable corporate event. From how the event is promoted, through to the event itself, such as a corporate festival, and even the days following the event, all help to create a lasting impression in the minds of all those in attendance. When planning, ensure that you cover all bases to create a corporate event that will have people fondly reminiscing for years to come.