WEARING // Khaki Dress & Ripped Jeans






IMG_5623Topshop jeans & sunglasses / Missguided khaki dress / H&M bag & faux leather jacket / Utter Couture tote bag / New Look earrings / My mums ring / Nike Air Force 1’s.

My Sunday Funday resulted on getting some spontaneous (and awfully done) finger tattoos to add to the heart I already had. Both Alix (in the photo below) and I got tattoos of a wave. Alix is actually Parisian but is living in Brighton at the moment so we thought it would be a nice, permanent reminder of her time here when she leaves.

On to the outfit, today was pretty warm and sunny! But those of you who are actually from Brighton, or at least familiar with it will know that looks can be deceiving when it comes to the weather down here. So thinking ahead, I knew that at soon as I was in the shade it would be freezing, hence the jeans under the shirt dress. I was only doing a bit of writing work, running errands and going for coffee today so it was all about being comfortable and casual. I actually bought this dress a few months ago from Missguided, I loved it on the model, however when it was delivered I remembered that I’m nowhere near the same height as any model on the website. But I still love it! It’s peach skin material, therefore pretty delicate when it comes to stains and washing so I’ve been scared to wear it due to working/living in a pub and being surrounded by a 3 year old pen-happy brother and a 6 month dribbling, food spitting baby sister. Today was only this dress’s second outing!

I’m really quite liking the layering of the dress over jeans along with my Nike’s as it really gives off a street wear vibe, what do you guys think about layering dresses over jeans?



Post-shoot selfie with Alix/ my best friend/ personal photographer