What are the Most Popular Furs for Coats, Jackets and Accessories?

If you live in a northern country, chances are you have seen your share of fur coats and jackets. They are the best solution to keep anyone warm, on a very cold day. However, throughout the years, fashion came and went regarding furs. So, what are the most popular furs today? Here are four that absolutely have to make it on the list.

The furs you will find below are the most used in the industry, when it comes to creating coats and jackets, but also for various clothing accessories. Depending on which fashion designers are using it inside their creations, they will vary widely in terms of colours, and the quality will also be quite different from one another, regarding softness amongst other characteristics. But all of them will keep its owner warm during the cold winter months.


The Astrakhan fur coat is made from black or grey curly fur from the skins of lambs. It is used for making coats and hats. Thanks to its rich detailed layers, it is used on some of the most modern looking fur coats on the market. It can be used in dynamic, young and fun winter coat, as well as for luxurious models to be worn on special events evening out. It falls on the body and creates an entrancing look.


We can say that mink is the most popular fur in the world of fashion. That is true, anywhere around the world. Buyers will tend to look at a mink coat first, before comparing to other furs available. Mink hair is usually short, thick and soft; qualities that are important for anyone who knows and understands furs. It is durable and is available in a variety of natural colours which include pearls, blues, lavenders, and browns.


The Chinchilla fur coat has grown in popularity over the years for one important reason: the fur has become less rare on the market. Before, a chinchilla coat was hard to find, but not anymore. Fashion designers look for them because they are ultra-soft. Another important quality that they have is that they are hypoallergenic.


Fox has always been popular, ever since fur accessories started being made. In fact, there is no other fur that can compare, when it comes to trimming and accessories, on the market. Its large variety of natural colours surely help its popularity, but it is its long, fluffy and silky fur that makes fox fur so in demand.