How to: Break out of your creative rut!

So, now we’ve established many of us get ourselves stuck in a rut over the dark and depressing winter months… It’s time to learn how to get ourselves out of it, up and motivated again. And what better time to start that at the beginning of a new year!

Happy 2016 guys, I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas break, spent lots of time with your loved ones and made many wonderful memories. Now let’s get to work…





  1. a habit or pattern of behaviour that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change

synonyms: boring routine, humdrum existence, routine job, same old round, daily grind, dead end, assembly line


For the purpose of the theme of my blog I will mainly be suggesting ways to help those in a creative, writing, fashion and style rut. However these points are not limited to those specific fields, you are more than able to adjust my suggestions to suit your own personal rut-escaping needs!


How to: Break out of your creative rut.

How many times have you woken up in the morning, glared at your wardrobe with intense boredom wishing you could scrap the entire contents of it and replace it with ASOS’s New In section? I know I have many times! Or found a pair of pinstripe cigarette pants which you know you simply have to wear for that creative business meeting in 2 hours’ time, but had a complete mind-blank as to what to wear them with – you then wish you were Cher from Clueless with her virtual wardrobe gadget! Or had a tantrum like The Grinch when you can’t find anything to wear to a party and exclaim ‘that’s it, I’m not going!’ I’m sure we all know those scenarios all too well…


Be prepared to get creative:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings. If you see an outfit you like, take a photo of it on your phone and think what it is that you like about the outfit and the individual elements that make up the outfit that you could copy.
  • Build a creative library. I’m such a hoarder for magazines; my two personal favourites are Elle (mainly for the ‘Street Elle’ section) and Dazed & Confused for the diverse and alternative fashion it offers!
  • Build a digital creative library. Pinterest and Polyvore are great apps for this! I rely on both for outfit inspiration on a daily basis. Browse through Instagram or tumblr and screenshot anything that stimulates your creative senses, then save them to separate folder in your photos for easy and quick access.
  • Take a day off. Take a day for yourself, grab your camera and go somewhere new or a place you find particularly inspiring. Wander down The Lanes in Brighton for the afternoon, visit your favourite spots of London, go to that exhibition you’ve wanted to go to for ages! Or simply take a stroll around your neighbourhood. You can do this with a friend, but don’t be afraid to go by yourself! You’ll be amazed by the conversations you’ll have with your mind which will completely open it up to new ideas.
  • Read and listen. Inspiration can come from some of the most unexpected of places so absorb every word you possibly can around you. The obvious sources would be fashion blogs and magazines, but try something new like poetry, my personal favourite is ‘Milk and Honey’ by Rupi Kaur or listen to some ‘spoken word’ style music. If you hear or read any phrases that particularly stand out to you, take note of them and rediscover them every now and again. They can be used to rediscover your creativity if you feel a little flat again, or they could inspire a stimuli for a piece of writing, a design, etc.
  • Build a mood board. This can include anything such as photography, typography, fashion, style icons, musicians, actors/actresses, movie stills, designers, illustrations, architecture, interior décor, flowers, the list is literally endless!


These few simple suggestion will without a doubt get your creative head going! I really hope I’ve helped some of you get motivated and inspired for the New Year, even if you just try one of two!


Let’s all have an amazing, positive and creative 2016, I can feel good things happening my lovelies.