Thoughtful gifts to cheer up your colleagues

Have you had to get used to remote working this year? Almost half the people in the UK worked from home during the first peak of the pandemic in April. While many have found home working to have its advantages, others will be desperate to see their favourite colleagues again in person.

From early morning catchups to after work social events, it’s normal to miss our regular interactions. So why not send a little something in the post to make the experience that bit more bearable?

Read our thoughtful gift ideas for colleagues below.

Food and drink

Does your desk buddy have a favourite mid-morning snack? Perhaps they make the best cup of tea in the office. Whatever their preferences, you could send them something delicious to keep them going through the day.

Coffee subscriptions are a great idea for caffeine addicts. Or perhaps you could order them a treat from your favourite work lunch spot?

Alternatively, drop off some homemade snacks to show off the baking skills you developed during lockdown.

Desk accessories

A desk can say a lot about a person, from their working style to their interests and relationships. Your friend’s temporary home setup could look sad in contrast, so maybe it’s time to freshen it up with some accessories.

Card Factory have lots of great mugs, photo frames and other easy ideas. You could bring nature into the room with a low-maintenance potted plant – or send on a handy notebook to help them stay organised.

Ergonomic gifts

Comfort is perhaps the hardest thing to get right while working from home.

Not everyone had an expensive chair and desk to head to when lockdown was first announced, so you could opt for an ergonomic gift to help them through the day.

Laptop stands can avoid straining by bringing screens up to eye level, while a lumbar support could ease back pain. Footrests and wrist supports are other comforting options.

Wellness gifts

Self-care has arguably never been as important as it is right now. So if you don’t want to base your gift on the working day, how about something restorative?

Candles and diffusers can help to soothe the senses and make home environments more inviting. Facemasks and bath salts are ideal for those who enjoy pampering, meanwhile.

Or if your colleague struggles with dark winters, spending 30 minutes under a light therapy lamp could lift their spirits each morning.

Whatever gift you go for, the thought behind it will be enough to put a smile on their face.