Stuck In a Rut?

For my first blog post in 2016, (my first blog post for a while in fact!) I thought I would discuss something a bit different to my usual posts – being stuck in a rut, a rut that could encompass almost any factor of your life, or your entire life.

To explain things a little better, let me tell you a story that may sound all too familiar to some of you…

So the warm days, if we were lucky enough to have any at all, and the long evenings of the summer are far behind us as we progress into September. There’s no sitting in beer gardens ‘till late wearing tiny summer dresses, fedora hats and huge bug-eye sunglasses as the temperature drops and the breeze (or gale force winds, if like me, you live in Brighton) pick up and you dust off that khaki hooded parker jacket. Therefore everyone slowly retreats into their houses as the weekday meet-ups at the beach in the evenings become few and far between. It’s official, the best bit of the year is over.

We go back to our tedious routines: wake up, get dressed in our skinny black jeans, black cleated sole boots, oversized black t-shirt, black faux fur jacket and black beanie hat, go to work, come home, eat some food, take a shower, have an early night, wake up, got to work and the cycle continues. Until it’s the weekend and you have to make up for the lack of socialising during the week, therefore you dress up in that leather midi skirt hiding at the back of your wardrobe, a super cute but wholly weather-inappropriate cropped top and pointed court heels, binge drink till you’re hearts content, smoke like a chimney and spend all the money you were planning on saving for that cute December city-break or winter-wardrobe revamp! Once the weekend is over, it catches up with you and you catch that bug that’s going around and only just survive it on Boots own Cold & Flu tablets, Lemsip Max and Soothers. You start to feel sorry for yourself, live in bobbly leggings and baggy hoodies (even in public *gasp*), become tired and unmotivated and would much rather spend your days in bed as opposed to seeing the outside world.

Then comes the build up to Christmas, you’re absolutely skint from work-dos and buying gifts for your loved ones, and everyone starts to wind down and become a bit blasé with work and life in general. You lose track of the days over the holiday, everyday feels like a Sunday. It feels so good to relax, spend some much needed time with family and share that general happy-Christmas-holiday-buzz with those around you! The overly-hyped New Years Eve comes and goes, and it’s all over with a blink of an eye. Back to routine. The sad thing is, all those sequinned bodycon dresses, leather pants and metallic clutches are moved to back of your wardrobe until this time next year, or once you feel you’ve lost that ‘Christmas podge’. The thought of all those beautiful, lonely, unworn dresses almost bring a tear to my eye!

Hmm, maybe it’s just me that relates to that story! But somehow I think not…

However I’m here to start the happiness-and-motivating-ball rolling, because I need a boost in drive and inspiration just as much as you do. There’s so so so much to look forward to in the coming year! New trends, store collaborations, Fashion Weeks, street style images, up-and-coming fashion icons and bloggers to feast our eyes on etc. plus, many more blog posts from me!

Keep an eye out for my next blog post as I’m going to be suggesting some pointers to you on how to become inspired again, to break out of that rut and if like me – you’re a blogger or simply love writing – to stop gazing hollowly at that damn mundane blinking cursor and start doing what you love with passion again!