Thomas Gun; The Girls

Now for my third and final instalment of the mini ‘Thomas Gun blog post series’, it’s the girls turn!

If there’s one thing I love more than guys in streetwear clothing is girls wearing guys streetwear clothing… I think girls are very lucky as they have a lot more to play with in the way that they wear and style menswear – buy something small and it’s a baggy tee, buy something oversized and it’s a t-shirt dress! There are so many options, which is one of the main reasons even I personally love wearing mens streetwear clothing myself.

This blog post will focus on the girls outfits, where you can buy the items and how you can wear them!

Outfit 1


Freddie (left)

is wearing Illusive tropical vest and Nicce grey hoodie.

Louise (right)

is wearing Sik Silk turtle neck grey melange tee and Nicce speckle logo sweatshirt.

As I mentioned before, girls have so many more options when it comes to styling mens streetwear garments. In the styling of this shoot I played with both lengths and layering with the girls to create a feminine look out of a mainly male-targeted market. With regards to Freddie’s outfit a played about with different shades of grey, and highlight just how easy it is to incorporate your summer wardrobe into your winter one as well. The vest underneath the Nicce hoodie is quite obviously a garment created for summer and holidays, for a female she can buy it oversized, therefore longer fitting and can be worn as a summer dress – pop a jumper or hoodie, depending on your personal preference, over the top and you can take this item into the colder months. When it gets even colder, pop a bomber jacket and a beanie on and you have an adorable yet stylish streetwear outfit!

I spotted the Sik Silk turtle neck tee that Louise is wearing whilst I was browsing for items to include in the shoot and I was instantly attracted. The turtle neck feature is pretty alternative to usual streetwear clothing and of course my first thought was – layering! Due to the melange texture of the top it’s best paired with a block colour, and seeing as it’s Autumn, burgundy is ideal. It has a warming tone to it and will forever be a favourite autumnal colour for me, whether it be lipstick, nail polish or clothing.





Outfit 2


Freddie (right)

is wearing Illusive speckle half cut tee in black and Chptr & Vrse snapback.

Louise (left)

is wearing Illusive smashed glass tee in white and Chptr & Vrse beanie hat.

Similarly to the guys, I kept the second outfits simple again. If you read my blog you’ll be very aware that I love monochromatic outfits. Having a monochrome wardrobe makes getting dressed easier whilst still looking beyond chic. Illusive, as a brand, are perfect for clean cut graphics and monochrome colour palettes – so if that’s your style too, then you know where to shop! I added the hats to the girls, because lets face it, these girls can pull off any kind of hat better than any guy! I feel like they just added something extra that was needed. Through a black puffer jacket over either of these outfits and you’re winter-ready in street style.





Another huge thanks to my sassy Swedish models Fredrika and Louise, plus Josh for even more incredible photography – check out more of his work here.