Black Friday! 28/11/2014

Black Friday is the Friday following the US holiday, Thanksgiving Day, and is pretty much seen as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season! Imagine Boxing Day: stores open early, crazy queues and lots of promotional offers. This is essentially the same as Black Friday for the US. Yet the concept has been adopted by more and more UK stores thanks to Amazon who allowed internet shoppers to see that the US had the best deals!

Personally, I’m not fussed about what the likes of Tesco and Homebase have to offer, however I can talk about all my favourite clothing stores which are taking part!


Now if you’ve been keeping up with the fashion blogger trends, you will know that Stan Smiths and Superstars are the sneakers of the moment so take advantage of the deals and see what you can snap up!


Again, it’s all about shoes, shoes, shoes! If, like me, you’ve been waiting for a slightly cheaper option yet high quality knee-high boots… this might be the time to keep your eyes peeled!


Missguided is very reasonably priced already I would say; ideal for those cropped-top essentials or a quickly sourced outfit for your night out at the weekend. But everyone loves a discount!


All Saints has always been that highly-desired-but-can-never-afford-shop for me. The pain I feel when I walk into their beautiful stores, knowing I won’t walk out with anything, is excruciating. Their leather jackets are something else, not to mention their wonderful selection on black heeled Chelsea boots. So I’m sure some of you will be super happy to hear they’ll be having a 20% OFF discount for Black Friday, use code ‘cyber’ to redeem the discount.


For a full listing on which shops are taking part in Black Friday, check out:


We all love shopping, some maybe more than others (me!), but just to highlight the craziness of this day in the US:

  • Black Friday kicks off the Christmas shopping season in the US

  • It became the biggest shopping day of the year in the US in 2001

  • But recent years have seen stampedes in stores

  • Four people have died and 56 injured in Black Friday incidents since 2006

quote source:


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‘But as ever more promotions proliferate – add Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday to the shopping calendar – the question remains: Just what is Black Friday anyway?’