Arbonne Product Review

Arbonne is a brand that provides skincare products created from botanically based ingredients for an earth-friendly range.

The idea behind the brand began in Switzerland in 1975 by Petter Morck. He teamed up with leading biochemists, biologists and herbalists to fulfill his vision of Arbonne. The brand then became a complete reality in the US in 1980 and the products are now shared across the globe through Arbonne’s network of Independant Consultants. The brands products have grown into a full line ranging from ‘both inner and outer health and beauty products that are unparalleled in quality, safety, value, benefits and results.’

  • The products are completely vegan and have never been, nor ever will be, tested on animals.
  • Botanical products: makeup, skincare, hair care, anti-ageing, baby skincare! Treatments e.g for problem skin, nutrition- detoxes and gym supplements (all GMO free).
  • No parabens (which is in most beauty products and directly related to cancer!) No colours, dyes etc. The lipsticks smell of fruit meaning it’s the actual fruit you can smell- as no perfumes are used!
  • The brand doesn’t pay for celebrity endorsements (think of Cheryl Cole getting her £10million for one L’Oreal mascara advert- and does she actually use that mascara?! Arbonne’s idea is that we believe recommendations from people we know rather than Cheryl Cole so they pay us to sell them instead. Normally 40% of a products price is just the advertising/campaign for it!
  • ‘’Ultra Premium products but at a premium price’’ – because of the reduction in costs. It’s a Clinique/Clarins/MAC similar price range but Arbonne isnt paying any of the costs that they are, meaning the products quality is more Crem de le mer! Our bath and spa range was used in Harrods spa last year!

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In the above image are the products I tried and tested. The moisturiser is an absolute dream! I applied the moisturiser of an evening before I went to bed, it soaked in my skin without it feeling clogged up and in the morning it felt so hydrated and smooth. It’s always handy to have a CC Cream for those days of running errands, or when you just have to pop out briefly but don’t want to spend half an hour on your make-up to be seen in public for 5 minutes. Due to being quite pale, I often have red patches and an uneven skin tone when I’m not wearing make-up, but this CC Cream smoothed everything over perfectly. As for the primer, I’ve never actually used any primer apart from trying one of those freebie testers you often get in magazines. So this was an entirely new venture for me… and I loved it! It softened my skin so much, therefore my foundation quite literally glided onto my face allowing me to get a more even coverage. It also made my make-up stay in tact for a lot longer than usual! I’ve been looking for a primer recently that is liquid and easy to apply, as the one I use dries almost instantly on my skin, therefore looks very blotchy and pretty gross. The Arbonne highlighter went on with ease and allowed me to blend it out, it’s not got quite as much shimmer as I like in a highlighter, but still works wonders! I usually use liquid eyeliner, however this crayon-like is ideal for a smokey eye and blending out into eye-shadow etc. plus, much better for lining your waterline! Not pictured is a matte finish eye-shadow in the colour ‘sand’ which finished off a simple everyday look. The Arbonne brushes are also amazing! I tried the angled cheek brush which is pictured above, plus a smaller shadow brush, the bristles are quite fine but have the appropriate densities for each of their uses!

All-in-all, I am very pleased with the skincare products I tried, plus the morals behind the brand allow you feel content with yourself whilst using it! Thank you Arbonne.


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