5 Menswear Trends of 2014 That I Loved

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Throughout 2014 there has been several menswear fashion trends, some good and some.. well… not so much. But I have chosen my 5 favourite trends to look back on as we enter a new year with more interesting fashion trends to come!


1. Socks and Slides

Socks and slides made the transition from runways to celebrity style to street style. Blogs, stylists and influential people in the industry made it the go to footwear for alternative style and comfort.


source; redreidinghood.com

source - pause mag

source; pausemag.co.uk


2. The Camel Coat

The camel coat was/is a prominent trend for both guys and girls throughout the Autumn and Winter months of 2014. Varying in shades of camel, design and shapes, they were the ideal outerwear during the chillier weather. They keep you warm whilst being versatile enough to go from smart to casual with ease.


source; upscalehype.com

the satorialist.com

source; thesatorialist.com


3. Neoprene

The scuba material became a trend due to the H&M x Alexander Wang collaboration which included mostly neoprene items. As well as increasingly popular London based brand Côô Originally used for sportswear, neoprene has become more ready-to-wear as a result of designer fashion houses and even high street brands using this material.


source; uttercouture.com


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4. Trousers and Trainers

This trend has to be one of my absolute favourite! It is not to do with those London commuters who wear a pair of (quite hideous if I’m honest) runners with their suits. It is speaking of those who pair their trend forward sneakers with a nice pair of tailored trousers captured all throughout the summer by street style photographers. This trend includes practicality and makes a suit/tailored trousers appear a lot more fun!


source; asos.com


source; original-trash.com


5. Fedora Hats

Thanks to Pharrell Wlliams who wore his Vivienne Westood brown fedora hat at the Grammy’s and many more public appearances since, every guy who is anyone has followed suit, and rightly so!


source; blog.netrobe.com


source; omnistyle.co.uk