5 Menswear Brands To Watch For 2015

1. H&M

H&M’s collaborations are always a hit, especially 2014’s Alexander Wang x H&M! So inevitably I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for H&M and future collaborations. The SS15 Lookbook above is already intriguing me, highlighting high-end shapes and cuts with that high-street affordability we all desire.



2. AKA


image source; thisisAKA.com

‘AKA Clothing is a progressive mens and ladies luxury contemporary brand.

Founded and based in the heart of Manchester, minimalistic and monochromatic.

AKA is a vibrant mix of black and white clothing, featuring intricate hand-designed prints with vintage influences.’

– thisisAKA.com

I’ve been a fan of AKA’s menswear range throughout 2014 and they don’t look like they’re going to disappoint in 2015 at all either! The monochromatic theme in beautifully designed prints of smoke/marble effects is ideal street/urban wear for the male Gen Y of today.

You can purchase AKA through the following retailer: https://www.ragretail.com/.

3. Brett Johnson

brett johnson

image source; brettjohnson.com

Having only recently discovered The Brett Johnson Collection brand, I just knew I had to include it! The above items are on my wishlist for the ideal masculine guy for myself. They have only been around for a few seasons seeing as they only debuted in 2013 with a menswear line consisting of clothing and shoes.

‘The eponymous menswear collection encapsulates style, sophistication, and edge for the global lifestyle; amalgamating a modern silhouette with traditional handcrafted technique refined tailoring and detailed finishing.’

– Brett Johnson Co.

Their attention to detail is admirable, and a feature of which a lot more brands should encompass. They produce out of Italy using fine fabrics such as leather and cashmere.

4. John Elliott

john elliott

I often cringe at what some guys call their casual/lounge-wear, but in those specific guys defence, I understand that it can actually be quite tricky to get it right. I realise it’s only what you chill at home in, wear to the cinema with the boys or a quick dash to the shops, so generally people aren’t really that bothered what you wear in those situations. But I am bothered. I am very bothered. It’s one of those things that really get at me. It may sound shallow but I’m just being honest!

Anyways, (I went off on a personal tangent there, sorry!) John Elliot just gets it. He is designing with young men in mind, and provides exactly what this generation are looking for. The aesthetics and shapes are perfect, but he also bare in mind that loungewear gets a lot of wear and his items are spot on with regards to quality, this brand cares about their customers and is concerned about how the items will wear over time. He does this by using mid-century maschines which work at an extremely slow pace by modern standards. However due to this, ‘the fabric they create retains it elasticity, feels softer to the touch’ and lasts much longer than average, high-street fabric.

5. Larsson and Jennings

image source; larssonandjennings.com

image source; larssonandjennings.com

This brand isn’t completely menswear based, they cater for both genders. I for one will definitely be getting myself a Larsson and Jennings watch in the early months of this year. I also think that you males out there should also look into getting one! The brand is Swedish and all items are Swiss made but you can almost tell this from the highly minimalistic design and modern aesthetic. Although is keeps to some classic features such as the sculpted hands and minimal indexing. The black faced with gold accents Saxon is my personal favourite, closely followed by the all black Lãder.