Beauty & Ruin’s Weekly Wishlist

wishlist 4

This weeks ‘Weekly Wishlist’ is all about comfort and practicality for those casual days.

1.Camel Coat – NELLY.COM

As you have probably worked out by now, this item is a running feature in my weekly wishlists, but can you blame me?! I’m still loving on it now as much as I was a month or so ago. This particular outfit highlights the versatility in the kind of outfit it can be pieced with. Sports luxe to party wear, this coat is your go to for outerwear.

2.White T-Shirt – H&M

I really do appreciate a decent basic t-shirt, however a good fit is quite hard to come by, but I think I’ve nailed it with the H&M V neck. I have this t-shirt in both white and grey. It’s relatively thin, so the white T would look very cute with a black lace bra underneath. It falls delicately on the body and hasn’t warped in any way, and trust me it’s been through the wash a fair amount of times!

3.Nike cap – ASOS

  Personally, I’m yet to try this 00s revival look, but I’m extremely jealous of anyone who pulls it off effortlessly. It’s ideal to hide a serious case of the ‘cba with my hair-day’ but can also be a perfect finishing touch to a casual outfit.


  Mom or boyfriend style jeans are my current favourite, add rips and you’re seamlessly on trend for AW14. I just recently bought myself a pair of Levi  501 jeans, they’re super comfy (and if you’re lucky enough to find some that fit in just the right places, they make you derrière look amazing)!

5.Backpack – MARC JACOBS

Now, I realise a £335 Marc Jacobs backpack is purchasable by everyone, including me. But there are plenty of lookalikes or faux designer backpacks out there, try ASOS Marketplace for vintage ones or the North Lanes in Brighton to find some absolute gems.

6.Nike Air Force 1 – FARFETCH.COM

Before I fell for the Adidas Superstars, I was wearing my Air Force 1’s to death. However they are now ruined from wearing in the clubs in Brighton. I warn you, pristine white trainers + packed out dance floors does not end well.