How A Healthier Lifestyle In 2018 Could Affect Your Hair

It’s nearly time for ‘new year, new you’ and many of us will vow to adopt a healthier lifestyle in 2018. Although many of these resolutions will have the aim of helping us shed those Christmas pounds, switching to a healthier diet and exercise routine could have even more benefits on your body than you think.

Changing to a healthier lifestyle can also benefit other areas of your wellbeing, such as your skin, energy levels and even your hair! The hair experts over at Crown Clinic have offered a few key changes you can make to make a big difference to the health of your hair and body throughout 2018!

How does a healthy lifestyle affect your hair?

Just like your heart or skin, your hair relies on the nutrients and minerals that you put into your body to keep itself healthy. If you fill up on foods that give you limited nutritional value, then your hair will have little to use to keep itself healthy and strong.

Adopting a healthier diet can help give your body the tools it needs to regenerate and get stronger. This applies to your hair as much as any other part. Even introducing more physical activity to your daily routine can help to increase blood flow, which will also keep hair healthier!

Healthy diet swaps for healthy hair

Swap out bread laden sandwiches for a protein-packed meal such as a salmon salad or chicken pasta. Not only will it fill you up without bloating you, but the extra protein will work wonders for your hair, making it stronger and grow even quicker.

Another healthy diet tip to try is to wean yourself off caffeine heavy drinks such as soda and coffee. You can start to replace these with drinks like water or herbal teas. These will also give you more energy, as they’ll keep you hydrated for longer.  

Healthy routines

Adding in regular haircuts every 6-8 weeks can help to trim split ends and keep hair healthy. Make sure to book in your next appointment every time you go, to make sure you keep up with regular trims.

You can also start to add in a weekly, moisturising hair mask to replenish any lost moisture caused by daily wear and tear. “Why not try some DIY in the new year, and make your hair masks out of natural ingredients such as avocado or oats to give your hair an added moisture boost.” states beauty expert writer Emma Osborne from The Mirror.

Start to practice mindfulness

You may be wondering how mindfulness can help you physically, but with time, taking care of your mental health can benefit you both internally and externally.

Stress can cause a number of ailments such as hair loss, shortness of breath, dizziness and weight gain.

Making sure you handle your stress levels can help to prevent these negative effects on your body, keeping you physically and mentally healthy throughout 2018.

Make 2018 your year

If you are one of the many people who promise to make the new year a healthier one, make 2018 your year to shine.

Just a few simple changes can have a hugely positive effect on your body and mind, so you don’t have to promise to make dramatic lifestyle changes to make a difference.