The Body Shop ‘Spa of the World’

I recently received an email from the lovely guys over at The Body Shop about their new body care collection  ‘Spa of the World™’. The notion was inspired by traditional beauty regimes and rituals from all different countries across the planet and as a result have created 3 different rituals to cater for 3 different needs – whether you need to relax, revitalise or just a few moments of bliss, The Body Shop have got it covered!

Whether your body needs to be awakened, cherished or calmed completely, each of our three spa body rituals will take your senses places they’ve never been before.

They guys were even kind enough to send me 3 beauty items from their ‘Relaxing Ritual’ selection! This particular one is described by The Body Shop for…

When you’re feeling tense, fast-track to relaxation with this calming spa ritual. This retiual is a perfect way to de-stress, unwind and reconnect with body and mind.

I’m not sure if The Body Shop have been a fly on the wall in my life recently, but this sounds exactly like something I need right now!

Vanda Serrador, a Facialist and Body Care Expert for the beauty brand recommends that her clients book out at least one day a week to indulge in the relaxing ritual, where you should light some candles, put on your favourite music and prepare to relax your body and mind.

Now if I’m perfectly honest, I do not have enough time to do this ritual weekly as at this point in my life indulging myself and taking out an entire day to relax isn’t on the cards. But thanks to this divine selection of body care products I will definitely think about planning a bit more ‘me-time’ for sure!







In my mini ‘Relaxing Regime’ gifted package that I received from The Body Shop came:

Step 1: Scrub with the African Ximenia Scrub


Handpicked in Namibia from the ‘Tree of Life’, the ximenia fruit seed yields a luxuriously rich oil, leaving skin feeling smoother and softer.

Begin by applying this scrub generously onto damp cleansed skin in circular motions.

“Across southern Africa wherever ximenia trees grow in woodlands and savannah, ximenia oil is used to condition skin.” – Jennifer Hirsch, Beauty Botanist for The Body Shop


Step 2: Treat with the Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay


Grown and harvested in the foothills of the Himalayas in India, bamboo charcoal is an ancient beauty secret to draw out impurities from skin.

Wash off the scrub and spread a thin layer of this body mask using the Spa of the World™ Body Mask Brush onto your skin, focusing on dull and tired-looking skin.

“Charcoal exudes negative ions that are irresistible to positively charged toxins. Combine charcoal with kaolin, and Himalyan Charcoal Body Clay has the power to purify.” – Jennifer Hirsch, Beauty Botanist for The Body Shop


Step 4: Nourish with the Japanese Camellia Cream


Camellia oil has been used by Japanese women since the 8th century to gently soften and moisturise skin.

Dry off and smooth on this luxurious feeling cream from your décolletage to your toes and allow to absorb.

Camellia oil is high in oleic acid, making it incredibly rich and moisturising, creating a velvet touch to give the ultimate in indulgent skin hydration.” – Jennifer Hirsch, Beauty Botanist for The Body Shop


This morning I set aside a bit of ‘me-time’, had a bath and tried out my new treatments! The body scrub was incredible, I used it along with my exfoliating gloves to really smooth out my rough skin. The body clay then really soothed my body, I left my body to absorb it for 10 minutes whilst I lazed away listening some Kate Tempest. Then finally, after rinsing the clay off of my body, drying myself off, I covered myself in the moisture body cream which has left my skin feeling wonderfully hydrated, smelling exquisite and completely relaxed as though I had just spent an hour at a spa.

I highly recommend the new The Body Shop ‘Spa of the World’ relaxing regime and will definitely be taking time out in the future to repeat the regime again when I’m feeling groggy and stressed out, I am also very tempted to give the other two regimes a go also!