#MCM Edward Wilding

Mancunian Edward Wilding has got myself, most of the female (and possibly male), population head over heels. All you have to do is browse through his Instagram to realise this guy is really just your average, down to earth 21 year old, just with the added extra of devilish good looks!

It’s not just fangirls that appreciate Edward, he is seriously recognised amongst many fashion houses. Having most recently appeared in the Alexander Wang X H&M October 2014 show, modelled for The Hunger Magazine’s Fall/Winter 2014 Editorial as seen below. I also suggest you follow the link to the interview where he speaks about dressing up as a girl, cuddles with his mum and advice to his younger self.




Plus, Edward has been lucky enough to work with Karl Lagerfeld on several occasions. Initially for Dior Homme’s Spring/Summer 14 ad campaign, and again for a Numero Homme earlier this year. He even refers to Lagerfeld as uncle in an Instagram image below! Hopefully there will be future collaborations between these two.


And sorry to break it to you girls, yes, he does have a girlfriend!

Which brings me nicely onto the topic of Edwards Instagram. Whether you’re after hilarious captions, topless shots or pictures of food, this guy highlights that models are not just clothes horses.



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Throwback with Kate Moss for Versace

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The classic "I need a whiskey" pose haha

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And one last image to finish this post on a very, very muscular and beautiful high…