The Circus Is in Town: Slamboree Comes to Brighton


The British summertime always gives birth to the weird and wonderful, with hot new shows and performances coming to the stage and delighting audiences with a flurry of colours, lights and sounds.
For Slamboree, long-time veterans of the festival circuit, this summer was just another opportunity to show off their unique winning formula and wow the many crowds with their exciting visual and aural pleasures.
With impressive credits already under their belt, including Boomtown Fair, Glastonbury, Shambala and Bestival, this act is not one to miss. If you didn’t make it to any of their 2016 summer season shows, the group are descending en masse to take over the stage of Concorde 2 in Brighton on November 19.


Who Are Slamboree?


As the self-proclaimed “Pyro-Circus Rave Massive,” the group are not lying when they call themselves a smorgasbord of entertainers. Each show has a unique line-up to provide you with the infectious orchestral sound of Balkan-gypsy-bass music, skilled emcees, and extra excitement.
With energetic dancers, daredevils, circus performers and stage illusions, it’s impossible to witness the great Slamboree extravaganza without being sucked in and infected with the contagious vibes and wild atmosphere. Ever seen a musician play a flaming violin? Or witnessed sword juggling in the midst of an echoing bass drop? Hula-hoops, bubbles, masks, puppets; the mysterious, trippy, weird and wonderful—this is a stage show that has it all and is an experience everyone should enjoy at least once.

“Pushing the boundaries ever further than previously imagined with each groundbreaking show. Slamboree are destined to blow the minds of all who see them.” -Kendal Calling Festival


Photo Credit: Lova Photography

Styles of the Surreal

 For the fashionistas among us, Slamboree is a visual experience with a bold style statement. Taking the sequins, fringe and sparkles from any good festival outfit and transforming them into a clothing explosion, the troupe’s wardrobe is full of the haute couture of the festival circuit. Each show looks like the contents of a dream.

Clear inspirations include Día de los Muertos skulls, Mardi Gras beads and headdresses, intricate Indian costume jewellery and flirty yet risqué bondage pieces. Anyone who aims to stand out from the crowd will find a style icon in the ladies and fellas of the Slamboree outfit.

“Well it is ace being me, but I’d rather be Slamboree.” –Ginny Koppenhol


 Festival Famous

There’s no question that Slamboree has risen to notoriety on the festival circuit. Their sparkling, creative, knockout performances so perfectly compact everything U.K. festivalgoers love into one explosive box of music, visuals and pure spectacle. Steering clear of the more mainstream events where drink offers attract more punters than the line-up itself, Slamboree has been born and bred in the world of unique artistic installations, organic theatre performances that pop up between the trees, and stages designed to transport you into another world.
With a long list of credits and other summertime knockouts, such as the Secret Garden Party, Nozstock, Beathearder and Kendal Calling, the group are festival royalty and deserve their place as one of the British summer’s most elite acts.

“An unlikely cross between traditional Balkan music, a circus, and a full-on rave…the energy juggling hats, knives, brightly coloured costumes and just generally having a laugh on stage worked brilliantly. Slamboree are a perfect festival band!” –EFESTIVALS

What to Expect

 For a group that’s more at home on a festival stage than a nightclub, how will this cacophonic performance translate into a gig venue? If their YouTube videos are anything to go by, then the answer is very well! Recently described as Basement Jaxx meets Rocky Horror Show, the magic of Slamboree is so diverse and the bespoke performances so expertly crafted that you’ll have a good night whether you’re at a festival arena or the local dive bar.

Alongside showcasing their vast range of entertainers, the performances are carefully created to be a theatrical spectacular, complete with their own hidden narratives. Whether you’re presented with cheeky burlesque, daring fire spinning or aerial choreography, you can guarantee a holistic and interactive experience that will have you hooked no matter the venue.

Immediate crowd pleasers, they had the entire tent amused with their electronic beats, unique blend of instruments and circus tricks.” –



Photo Credit: Miriam Vaughan

Find Out More

There are not enough words to explain the true magic of Slamboree, so if you’re still unsure whether their November show is worth your time, then I highly recommend checking out some of their material.

Their website,, is somewhat sparse, but the group is extremely active on all social media accounts, so that’s the best way to check out their work. It also provides an opportunity for fans who aren’t U.K. residents to get a piece of the action. Their YouTube channel has over half a million views and a tonne of footage from their stage shows. Facebook and Twitter offer a chance to keep up-to-date with the troupe’s latest shenanigans, and you can hear all of their music on SoundCloud or Bandcamp.

For those in a country where these platforms are blocked, you can still gain access to the weird and wonderful Slamboree magic by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This handy piece of software will let you browse their content as if you were in the U.K. Secure Thoughts is a leading VPN site and provides reviews of some of the best options available!

If you have your finger on the pulse of all that is hip, new and exciting in Brighton, then Slamboree should definitely be on your radar already. If not, this autumn’s upcoming show provides you the perfect opportunity to become of a part of the action! Book now, or if you can’t make the show on November 19, the ensemble is also playing in other parts of the U.K. throughout the next few months.


Photo Credit: Joe Okpako // Electric Bixton

About the Author: Cassie is a blogger who is always on a mission to find to most unique, stylish and wonderful entertainment out there. From festival season to fashion week, she’s been there, seen it, got the T-shirt and customised it after!