Summer Shoes That Aren’t Flip Flops

If there was ever a season for shoes, it’s summer. You can wear heels, sandals, and even the right boots when the temperature heats up. But this summer, there are a few standouts you’ll want to add to your footwear rotation.

Make room in your shoe closet and check out a few of this season’s footwear trends.

Block-Heel Sandals
When it comes to strappy sandals this summer, the thicker the heel, the better. A block or chunky heel on a strappy sandal is a great way to give your outfit a fun, retro flair. The look comes across as a bit more casual than a pencil-thin heel, and it pairs perfectly with a boho midi or other summer dress.

For a few ideas on different patterns, colours, and prints, check out the compilation of block-heels by Marie France Asia. The tribal patterns are particularly great as a summer look that you can continue into the fall.

The athleisure trend continues to blur the lines between function and fashion. And today, sneakers are the latest way to blend your style with comfort that’s usually reserved for gym wear. White sneakers in particular can pair easily with everything from dresses to suits and even match them with a variety of Foot Traffic socks.

Lyst’s shoe roundup highlights several different pairs of perfect white sneakers within a range in designs from Alexander McQueen to Nike. With that in mind, you can almost certainly find a pair that will fit your budget. All-leather styles are more formal, while canvas and synthetic fabric shoes are a little more casual. Keep things informal by pairing them with skinny jeans or shorts, or dress things up a bit with a form fitting skirt.

Perforated shoes are quickly rising as a favourite for summer footwear. For those of you who are confused, perforation is really just a fancy word for cut outs, or near cutouts and transparent cutouts. You can usually see the perforation in the form of small, netted, circular or criss-cross patterns. You can also find them on almost any style shoe, such as heels, wedges, flats, and even boots. Perforated booties allow you to wear your favourite style year round. The breathable cutouts create air circulation that helps your feet stay as cool and comfortable as they would be in a pair of flip flops.

To pull off the trend, an article from E! Online recommends grabbing a pair of suede perforated booties. Pair them with denim shorts and a crop top and you’ll look ready for the next music festival.

Summer really is shoe season. It doesn’t matter if your fan of heels or flats, get out there, embrace the trends, and get shopping!