Introducing: Chptr & Vrse

I have recently been in contact with an exciting streetwear brand, Chptr & Vrse, from the seaside town of Shoreham-by-Sea.

The brand was formed by a couple of friends who were not happy with their original clothing and enjoyed customising their garments to create a fresh, new look. From this they have come a long way, growing into a known brand which represents the ever-changing street wear and urban trends.

‘We hope you have as much enjoyment wearing our garments as we have had creating them.’

– Chptr & Vrse.

The brands style consists of well constructed and unique graphic prints. They devote their designs to the promotion of individual style, taking inspirations from a ‘twisted heritage vibe’ and ‘urban, lyrical quotes, musical muses and Americana with an element of a tongue in cheek religious attitude.’

‘Our fearless approach of experimenting with the coolest most striking prints, graphics and constructions, and with special attendtion paid to washes and fits. Detail is at the heart of the brands core values. Chptr & Vrse is ready to breathe a breath of fresh air into the industry.’


‘Music is my religion’


The brand kindly sent me some items from their current collection which I am really grateful for! This post is a brief preview and background of the brand, look out for another post about Chptr & Vrse’s garments and how I style them: coming soon…