Finding Vintage Jewellery Online

Vintage and estate jewellery are timeless pieces that exude stately beauty and gorgeous design. When you look into each dazzling piece of precious metal or gemstone, you can imagine yourself travelling back in time to the world it has lived through. Each antique jewellery tells a unique past and story. With thousands of unique and interesting pieces available for you, you can be confused which item to choose. Lets not also forget one of the main reasons us girls go for antique jewellery in the first place; it looks amazing! It’s quickly coming back into fashion so make sure you’re ahead of the curve and get looking now! For the benefits of this article, Beauty and Ruin spoke with online vintage jewellery experts Love Antiques, to get some helpful tips on looking for the best deals online and how best to get the pieces you’re after.

Know the seller

When searching antique jewellery online, it is essential to first know the seller. Is the dealer a reliable seller? What other items are up for sale? There may also be obvious cues to scams, for example, a seller that lists 10 of the same heirloom ring is downright suspicious. Read through reviews from other clients. Are they satisfied with the items bought? Investigating the seller is a must.  If you are looking to buy designer jewellery brands, make sure they are actually, in fact by the designer.

Ask questions


Know more about the piece so that you can decide whether it is an authentic one. Get in touch with the seller and ask about how the piece came to his possession; whether the seller won it from auction, estate sale, antique hunting, or a family heirloom. A reliable seller can give you details about where the jewellery came from, its origin, relevant history, and overall condition.

Look for a mark

Antique jewellers almost always leave an imprint on their creations. Vintage jewellery pieces produced before 1950s comes with a special mark, such as initials of the maker. You can search online for the prominent vintage jewellery marks.


Consider the cost


Compare the price of the prospective antique piece with other antique shops. What are the current rates for similar metal, stones? Remember that authentic estate jewellery comes for a price. Be wary of items sold at an unbelievably low price. Don’t fall for these too-good-to-be-true pieces.