B&R Meets; George Le Page

Recently I was lucky enough to interview friend, musician and model, George Le Page! Most of you may recognise him from the Burberry Kisses campaign where he’s seen getting up-close and personal with Suki Waterhouse, or perhaps you’ve seen him wandering around Brighton with his fellow Of Empires band mates. Either way, I know you want to know more about him, how his career started and how he manages to compare it to Harry Potter…


1.       When and how did you begin your career in modelling?

I was scouted April 2014 by Next Models whilst I was walking through the lanes on my way to university.


2.       When did you begin your career in music? What’s it like being the drummer for Of Empires?

I mean, I’ve been playing music since I can remember. Throughout childhood I was in loads of little music projects with my friends in Guernsey. We started Of Empires about 3 years ago at The Vale Earth Fair after Jack and Matt approached me at the festival. What’s it like being in Of Empires… Its a rad old time.


3.       If you could describe your personal style in 3 words what would it be?

Keeping it simple.


4.       Any advice for someone who might not be confident with regards to their style?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Dress for yourself…


5.       What was it like working with Suki Waterhouse for the Burberry Kisses campaign?

Surreal springs to mind. The whole thing didn’t really sink in until I was back at my flat in Brighton. I had time to sit down and think, “Damn. That was pretty nuts”. Suki was super nice and my nerves just disappeared once we started  a conversation.




6.       What’s been your career highlight so far?

Music or Fashion?  Music is probably signing a Publishing deal with Metropolis music publishing… that was rather good. Fashion is obviously the Burberry Campaign.


7.       What do you enjoy most – runway or photo shoots?

Difficult to compare and choose between them. Both Have their pro’s.


8.       What’s been the most interesting shoot you’ve done?

Got to be the Burberry campaign shoot again. Working with all of those amazing humans.




9.       Where has you career in modelling taken you? Do you travel much?

LA, Milan, New York… and London obviously. It’s early days yet. Plenty of more places to come I hope!


10.     Who are your style icons?

Steve McQueen.




11.     Decision time – music or modelling? Why?

Its like Harry Potter and Voldemort. If one dies, the other must too. In my life, they’re dependant on each other and always will be. Cant have music without style. I simply couldn’t pick. One can’t live without the other.


12.     Where do you want to be in five years time? What do you see yourself doing?

The same thing but on a bigger scale.


13.     If you could, what advice would you go back and give your younger self?

Don’t start smoking you little idiot.


14.     You have previously stated that you keep your style simple, where do you usually shop?

I have no preference really… If the clothes look good to me, I’ll wear it no matter where it’s from.


15.     Finally, have you got any exciting projects coming up that we can look out for?

Many. Keep your peepers and ears open.


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