Chptr & Vrse

As promised, following my previous post on the background of the brand Chptr and Vrse which you can find here, I did a little ‘photo shoot’ with a few friends. I say ‘photo shoot’ as I am no photographer, but it was nice to use friends which have relationships between themselves and with myself prior to a shoot as the chemistry is already there off camera, therefore comes naturally on camera. This creates a fun, easy-going ambience to the images (I hope haha)!

I took a few group shots first, followed by some individual ones in which you can see the garments, that Chpr & Vrse kindly gifted me, in more detail.









Shop the Repent Repeat T:

I think this T makes a good alternative to a standard, simple branded T and the graphic print also plays on their ‘tongue in cheek religious attitude’ along with their strong focus on musical influences – ‘Music is my Religion’. This T is very versatile and could easily be worn by males or females. It’s especially nice with a plain shirt worn over it as Thelo highlights below. Swap the burgundy shirt for a pale denim shirt and Adidas Superstars for a more feminine touch.




Shop the Brand Carrier Crew Neck T:

With a street wear brand, a simple branded T is a must-have! They are so easy to wear with anything! Here, Juliette styles it in a feminine way with denim shorts and boot heels. For a more casual look she could have opted for black leggings, trainers and bomber jacket. Whereas guys could wear a similar outfit, replacing the leggings with jeans of a black colour, however I think a stonewashed black may work better as to break up the shades.




Shop the Baseball Jersey:

Chptr & Vrse definitely haven’t gone half-hearted with their take on a baseball jersey, it’s airtex mesh sleeves along with the heavy fabric makes it clear that this isn’t just an attempt at an imitation. It’s a really nice, unique addition to an already strong collection. With the brand name printed on the front and the back it sticks to the street wear/brand style. It’s a good fit for both males and females (as Alix has modelled below) but perhaps a little harder to style than their other pieces, but anyone who loves fashion and styling, also loves a challenge with unique pieces.




Shop the Grey Beanie:

Last, but most definitely not least, the grey beanie. No street wear brand would be complete without a beanie. Kept simple with the brands logo embroidered on the front, anyone could wear this. I specifically remember spending my college days in a beanie, especially in the winter to save me from bad hair days.. I just wish I had this grey Chptr & Vrse one at the time! Alix is wearing it below, but if you look above in the Repent Repeat T section, you can also see Thelo wearing it, highlighting the versatility of such a simple street wear piece.



I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I am so happy with the pieces I received from Chptr & Vrse and I can’t wait to style them on myself in the coming warmer months!

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