‘Basic Aesthetic for Sustainable Easywear’ – Baserange

Whilst browsing through Instagram recently, I came across a brand that was in fact founded in 2012, and yes I know that a few years have passed since then… I may be late to the Baserange party, but it’s only getting better from here! Not only is Baserange extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but when I delved in to find out more about the brand, I was overjoyed to learn about their values that they hold dear when it comes to production.


The brand is based in Denmark and France, and was conceived by Copenhagen native Marie-Louise Morgensen. Baserange is a line of ‘sustainable under and easy wear’ which utilises innovative and attentively chosen high quality, organic fabrics to create simple, clean and functional essentials that benefit both the producer and consumer whilst minimizing environmental impact. The collection of basic underwear offers soft silhouettes which are timeless and highlight natural beauty, whilst effortlessly bridging the gap between femininity and functionality. The brand will soon be your go-to for minimalist lingerie and lounge-wear in pastel shades.

What’s extremely special about this brand is that they work exclusively with small, family-owned factories. They pride themselves on building a trusting and lasting relationship with them, therefore they have the ability to work closely and regularly visit the production sites.

Their underwear, t-shirts, sweats and leather items are produced around Porto, Portugal which is extremely close to the company’s base in Toulouse, France – therefore this reduces the cost and carbon footprint of transporting the garments. The woven garments are created in a very small town near Izmir, Turkey. This area is one of the richest fertile valleys of Turkey. Only natural fabrics including silk, linen and wool are used, with help from a traditional expertise on natural fibres. Together they use organic and proven methods which have been passed down over centuries.


When Baserange carefully select their fabrics, an upmost importance is placed on the production process. Environmental impact, in particular the amount of water and chemicals used, and are huge consideration of the brand.

Working sustainably is very much a process of always doing the best you can and trying to push things in order to get a product as “clean” as possible. When organic certifications or sustainable solutions are not possible, we seek to work transparently and consciously. Thus providing our customers with as much information about the production process so they can make informed decisions on their purchases.

Natural fibres such as organic cotton, recycled cotton, wool, natural silk, linen and bamboo are the core of Baserange’s fabrics.


Browse their website here. The brand is also sold at many online retailers such as Goodhood, Need Supply, and La Garçonne.

image sources; all www.facebook.com/BASErange