Treat Yourself! 7 Items Every Independent Woman Deserve to Splurge On

You usually spend a lot of thought considering what to spend your money on. But every woman deserves to have the best, too. Here are some tips on what to splurge on along these lines.


Decorating your home with real flowers adds pleasure for the eyes and for the nose, too. Flowers as décor are good for the soul and make a house or apartment a home.

Diamond Ring

How do you choose the right diamond ring for you? The answer is simple: design your own ring! High-end, skillful jewelers can assist you in choosing the right diamond ring for your tastes and lifestyle.

  • Color: When selecting a custom-made diamond ring, you’ll have several choices to make, namely: What color of diamond do you prefer? Clear, yellow and pink diamonds are available for your choosing, along with a plethora of other diamond colors.
  • Quality: Choose the highest quality of diamond you can afford. Your jeweler remains the expert in assisting you in getting the best diamond you can afford, making your specially designed ring an heirloom to pass down to future generations.
  • Cut: Diamonds come in several different shapes that enhance the look of your hand. Choose from marquis, round, oval, rectangular or several other shapes.
  • Carat: Buy the largest diamond you can afford that has the best quality. You may prefer a smaller diamond with better clarity and quality rather than a larger diamond with visible inclusions or poor color.
  • Metal: Do you like white gold, yellow gold or pink gold?

Set up a time with your favorite jeweler. He or she will be happy to help you make your diamond ring dreams come true by assisting you to design your own ring.


One of the sweetest ways to celebrate an advancement in your career is by buying yourself the type of watch that will last a lifetime or longer. This watch should also be durable enough to work well even when worn daily.

High-End Handbag

A luxury handbag remains another treat that hard-working, successful women deserve to splurge on occasionally. Don’t think so much about how much the handbag costs, rather think of price per wear. A luxurious high-end handbag looks excellent for the long haul when cared for correctly. You’ll look prosperous and feel great with a classy handbag.

Formal Gown

Every woman needs a formal event gown at some point in their lives, even if it is just on their wedding day. Choose a designer like that compliments your style or have a gown personally made for you by that designer. You won’t regret the memories the formal gown will provide for you.

High Heels

If you have a special designer dress, you must also have expensive high heels to go with them. In fact, some women choose the shoes first, then select their gown to match.

Whether you like Manolo Blahniks or some other designer, there’s no need to skimp when choosing beautiful shoes for your wardrobe.


Treat yourself and get your make-up done every now and then. In fact, why not treat yourself to products from MAC, Estee Lauder and Dior? After all, you deserve it!

Splurge and go all out on getting eyelash extensions too and say goodbye to mascara. Designer Lashes in London can do your semi permanent extensions for you. Or fancy keeping up with the latest craze? Be bold and try the 3D and 6D lashes for the full lash effect!