Pick the Right Trench Coats for Women

Young attractive woman in trench coat thoughtfully looking in camera walking around cozy city street

Trench coats are personal favorites of almost every woman. Especially if you have a little knowledge of fashion and current trends, your wardrobe can never miss this item. Trench coats are amazing to keep you warm while grabbing others’ eyeballs.

While there are readymade trench coats available in the market, we don’t recommend to have you one. Because these are not always fittings, they are either too tight or too loose. And such an ill-fitted garment is sure to ruin your entire outlook.

Significance of a tailored trench coat lies

Such a trench coat demands you to provide proper measurements and in turn, you can get an item that perfectly fits your body. Now, here’s a guide of how you can pick the right trench coat from a tailoring site.

Design the coat –

Choose the length of the trench coat women, long or short, determine whether you want it to be single or double-breasted, measure the fittings, ensure the gun flaps, shoulder epaulettes and sleeve ribbons are at proper places. You do not necessarily add all of the mentioned items, but you can always mix them as you want. Remember, a trench coat is a reflection of your personality so you better design it the way you can carry.

Pick the fabric –

There are a wide variety of fabrics and colors. Pick your favorite color and pattern. Choices are many – a classic beige fabric or a trendy green color.

Measure properly –

Insert your measurement and voila! You are about to get a brand new custom-designed trench coat within a few dresses.

When it comes to trench coats, you need to remember a few things. The length of a trench coat should be ideally a little higher than the knee. A longer trench coat will make you look shorter, again a short trench coat will not remain a trench coat anymore as it will become more of a jacket. Therefore, keep an eye (we mean both the eyes!) on the length of the trench coat while picking one.

Again, if you are looking to wear a trench coat, you need to ensure what you are wearing inside it. For example, a lighter colored top like that of white or beige, inside the coat will make a dark-colored trench coat, maroon or black, look more gorgeous. Again, if you are wearing a light-colored coat like white or pink, then a maroon or red top inside it will make the look more vibrant. Mixing up multiple colors make the entire look glamorous.

You can wear boots, stilettos or palm shoes with a trench coat. But make sure that you are comfortable at it.

Occasion Perfect Trench Coat

A trench coat is a perfect pick for any occasion. Be it an office event, or a friend’s party, a birthday bonanza or a date night – a trench coat can elevate your appeal and make you more trendy and beautiful. Trench coats, unlike regular coats, are more feminine. Therefore, you can wear it with any type of dress you want. No matter whether you seek to wear formals at the office or casual wear at a family dinner – simply team it up with a trench coat and you are good to go.

A red or blue trench coat can produce a strong appeal whereas a white or beige trench coat can make a sophisticated outlook. In a formal party, you may consider white or beige trench coats but for a date night or a casual evening out, a colorful trench coat will enhance your presence and make you stand out among the crowd.

 So, what colored trench coat is your next purchase?