#WCW Soki Mak

‘Why would you want to be dressing the same as everyone else, at the same time? That’s crazy!’

quote source: lilylovelock.blogspot.co.uk

Soki Mak, originally from Glasgow, has her own beautifully garish personal style, which is emphasized extensively in her fearless styling work. Having styled the likes of Yasmin and Iggy Izalea, she has also worked for major-named publications such as i-D, Nylon and Volt and styled shoots for increasingly popular jewellery brand Gogo Philip.

Her story began at Central Saint Martins, whilst only half way through her degree she began interning at Vivienne Westwood, then going on to be an assistant stylist to Stevie Westgarth at Dazed and Confused, however she is now flying solo. Based between London and Los Angeles, she is a freelance Fashion Stylist and Creative Director specialising in celebrity, music and fashion styling.

Her most recent ventures include styling the beautiful Amber Rose for Oyster Magazine and Marina from Marina and the Diamonds for her new music video, ‘Froot’.



“Known for her hyperreal aesthetic and fearless personal style, Mak is a regular presence on Nick Knight’s SHOWStudio panels. Most recently, she has collaborated with SHOWStudio’s Head of Film Marie Schuller to create looks for pop culture anti-icon Courtney Stodden, and produced a fashion film featuring Japanese acid punk band Bo Ningen for NOWNESS.

In a city overflowing with creative talent, Mak is distinguished by her ability to identify emerging stars in the worlds of fashion, music, and art. She is fast gaining recognition for bringing together teams of likeminded visionaries to create concepts that challenge, intrigue and excite. The result is a body of work that is cohesive but far from predictable; colourful but never brash; sophisticated and yet totally, delightfully surreal.”

quote source: www.sokimak.com

I have trawled through interviews far and wide to find out as much as possible about this enchanting character, but one quote that I came across from an interview with Soki at XXY Magazine was extremely mention-worthy. She states, ‘experience is everything’. Budding stylists may like to take note from this ambitious woman as I’m sure many of you are exploring your options as you continue (or even begin!) your fashion related career paths.

It is evidently clear that Soki loves, lives and breathes for her job, and she does this very effortlessly may I add. She is a lion amongst the sheep. In other words, she doesn’t follow the current fashion trends. Soki does her own thing, wearing what she likes when she likes.


Feast your eyes on a few more shots of her innovative styling work.

Clio Peppiatt SS15:

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Gogo Philip AW14:

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