Tattooing 101: Colour or Black & Grey?

Tattoos are an expression of self and an artistic statement, but you must think of how they may affect you or change over time. Whether you get a colour tattoo or a black and grey one will influence more than just the look. It will also affect the kind of designs you can get later and how long your tattoo will last.

Colour Tattoos

If you’re one to make a statement, then colour tattoos may appeal to you more. You can go all out with colour tattoos, from a simple but vibrant heart tattoo full of colourful ink to a mishmash of shells, mermaids, and oceans with different shades, turning your skin into a canvas for a colourful painting.

When you’re looking through artist portfolios, don’t just look at images of tattoos that have just been done, but take a look at tattoos that have spent some time on the wearer’s body. You want to find out if they look faded, colour bland or blurry. You have to be extra careful with colour tattoos and pick artists based on their experience, portfolio, and reputation.

When you are getting a colour tattoo, you must be careful about choosing colours that complement your skin tone. There’s also the issue of your tattoo clashing with some of the colours you’ll choose to wear. If you love your time in the sun, you have to be warned that your colours might fade or start to blend together, especially if you don’t apply sunscreen over them.

Other than being great for artistic expression, colour tattoos are excellent for covering up other tattoos. Colour tattoos may require multiple sessions, and are more expensive due to the amount of time required to complete them and the level of detail involved. They are also more painful as different layers of colour are added on top of cut skin.

Black and grey tattoos

Black and grey tattoos have their roots back in the streets of east Los Angeles where they started out as script writings inspiring faith or other sentiments, roses and other flowers, and portraits of loved ones. With time, black and grey tattoos departed from the inner city and became the phenomenon it is now all over the world.  

One of the best parts of black and grey tattoos is they don’t fade quickly, and when they do, they fade to a lighter shade of grey. They’re perfect for simple tattoos that will stand the test of time but not as great for a super realistic style, although, some artists are able to create masterpieces as a result of their natural talent and the loads of practice they have had over time.

Some artists are able to create the illusion of a three-dimensional image using weight, composition, tone, shape, and texture. If you’re out for realism, you should do your research and find an artist who can achieve the kind of results you’re looking for. The Firme Copias tattoo shop has artists whose portfolio you might want to check out.

Black and grey tattoos are classic and may be most suitable as your style and personality changes. You don’t have to touch up as much and they cost less than colour tattoos. They are also not disturbed by the sun and takes half as long to complete. Of course, we cannot forget the fashion advantage. Black and grey tattoos will not clash with any of your clothes, accessories, or even makeup. They’re awesome for darker skin tones as they create a strong contrast, making them easy to see.

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