Fitness & Fashion / My Top 5 Accessories


1 – The Huawei Watch

The Huawei Watch is an accessory that truly bridges the gap between fitness and fashion.

Powered by Android Wear, the Huawei watch is compatible with both Android and iOS.

The Huawei watch offers not only fitness capabilities but instant message notifications and a beautiful design inspired by Swiss watch manufacturers.

Boasting the most accurate sensors on the market and the ability to track the user’s activities at any time, The Huawei Watch can even distinguish between different physical activities such as walking, running and climbing.

With offline music download support and Bluetooth connectivity, staying active has never been made easier.

Benjamin Norton, Wearable Design Expert at Huawei, explained:

“When designing the Huawei Watch, we wanted a device that can do it all. If you look at its firm fashion credentials, smart technology, and intuitive fitness capabilities, it’s clear that we accomplished our goals of offering consumers exactly what they want.”

The Huawei Watch is available to purchase from Selfridges.





2 – Aussie Hairspray

Aussie 12 hour anti humidity hair spray keeps frizz under control to maintain a stylish work-out. Keeping frizzy hair at bay sustaining volume and style, this hairspray is a gym bag must-have!



3 – Fabletics

Fabletics clothing line by Kate Hudson pushes all boundaries of fashionable women’s sports-wear. New to 2015, the Fabletics collection has everything you may need and want for your New Year’s fitness kick. Even if shaping up wasn’t on your list of resolutions, I’m sure (like me) you’ll now want any excuse to sport such trendy clothing.

“With Fabletics we want to create a community… a movement to help you live fit and achieve your passions in life”




4 – The Yoga Bible

The Yoga Bible by Christina Brown is an excellent read for the wait in-between your fitness classes. A well-researched guide to ancient yoga with step by step guides to over 150 positions, with this book in hand you’ll soon be top of the class.




5 – The Drishti Yoga Bag

The Drishti Yoga Tote Bag has a super wide opening perfect to fit your thickest yoga mat. The bags come in a variety of cosmic patterns and interesting color schemes so you will never need to worry about mistaking it with another. With a zip-up pocket on the outside perfect for storing your clothes, water bottle and towel separately, preparing for your yoga class is made easy.




Eloise writes for Beauty and Ruin.