My Top 5 Men’s Fashion Blogs

Guest blogger Eloise Rolfe here again – Something we’ve specialised in in the past here at Beauty and Ruin is our willingness to write about men’s style. Many people think of the fashion world as being female dominated and that this translates to blogging culture. If you asked most fashionistas they would say that a majority of the more successful fashion blogs out there are usually targeted at females. I wanted to show that there is room in the fashion world for a male perspective and that there are blogs out there to prove this. Here’s a quick round-up of my top five men’s fashion blogs that you should make sure to follow:


Bryan Boy, originally from the Philippines but calls New York City home. With over 328,000+ Twitter followers, a guest stint as a judge on America’s Next Top Model, he was one of the first to make a real living out of fashion blogging.

A former web developer, Bryan started blogging in 2004 at the age of 24. Bryan soon became a front row fixture at any desirable catwalk and soon developed close relationships with multiple high fashion brands. previously won the award for best fashion and and lifestyle blog 2007 and currently has an estimated 1.4million views per month.

In keeping with the current AW15 fur trend, Bryan previously collaborated with designer Adrienne Landau creating luxurious faux fur accessories.

“It’s been good and really organic. I love fur and color, and I was really involved in everything—the measurements, the details. I had to fight for my colors on some things.”

“can you imagine if I’m the creative director a fur company? That’s insane! But still, it’s early days. Our deal was to create one collection and we want it to be successful, to sell. And we’ll see from there.”




(bĭ-lông′ĭng, -lŏng′-)  n.

 Acceptance as a natural member or part: a sense of belonging.

 Belongings – Personal items that one owns; possessions.

“I sincerely believe the most authentic personal style comes from those unplanned, spontaneous moments that reflect your mood and how you want to present yourself to the world.”

With just over 17k instagram followers, Tommy Lei is the founder of the high fashion, menswear and lifestyle blog; My Belonging.

Hong Kong raised, LA based, Tommy admits there is a lot of brainstorming involved with his ‘glamorous’ career path and strongly disagrees with the misconception that blogging is about lounging around taking amazing Instagram pictorials.

Tommy states that fashion is an evolution that is constantly updating itself, he expresses his style and identity by what he calls ‘a form of visual storytelling’.

“Fashion is a constant evolution.”

“I felt the need to express my style identity through a form of visual storytelling”

Tommy Lei 1


Written by Prada-enthusiast Alexander Atkins, Nelson, New Zealand, Mr Essentialist is based in NYC.

Launched in 2010, Mr Essentialist is an online destination for men’s high fashion, aimed at the discerning man who likes to look good; Alexander makes sure to include all tips to staying well-groomed.

Friend of blogger Tommy Lei, the pair met upon joining the Details Magazine Network but bonded over their joint love of high-end contemporary streetwear labels.

Alex has a talent for combining vintage and trendy streetwear to create effortless and inspiring outfits and is rarely seen without his signature sunglasses. This creates the enigma behind who Mr Essentialist really is.

“looking sharp and somewhat put-together makes sense”

Mr Essentialist


Self-confessed Instagram addict Drew Scott currently resides in Los Angeles. was established in 2012 showcasing anything from food to fashion for you daily does of style, inspiration and life.

At 19 years of age, Drew is the youngest blogger I follow at the moment and one of the youngest on the men’s fashion scene.

 I find the way he styles himself refreshing, with his minimalistic yet striking outfits, Drew inspires men and women.

“I love that all genders can pull inspiration from my posts. I personally draw style from women bloggers all the time”

Drew Scott currently attends the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising to gain a degree in Buisness management, previously obtaining an AA degree in Merchandise Product Development.



Dappered is a fashion blog with affordable, consumer-style content.

Founded in 2009, Dappered targets men who feel most comfortable in a sharp, classic, tailored style while valuing a realistic budget. Bloggers tend to surround themselves in one-off designer numbers and expensive accessories, but Dappered emphasizes that style can be realistic and affordable.

“Fashion is temporary and expensive. Style is timeless and afordable.”

Although a slightly more anonymous blog, Dappered includes both style articles and the inside scoop on major clothing brands highlighting current sales and the newest trends.

Their mail list is definitely one worth adding to your inbox, with affordable style and high quality content excluding any spam; it’s a great way to be sure you never miss the latest update.

“be comfortable, look sharp and save money”