Trainspotting 2 – The Twenty Year Itch

With film critics so excited about the imminent release of Trainspotting 2 they are actually reviewing the trailers, the 20 year hiatus of one of the world’s most critically acclaimed and beloved British films sees the entire cast join hands for a drug-addled reunion – including Hollywood big shots Ewan McGregor and Director Danny Boyle.

While we aren’t going to review the trailers, the folk at Beauty & Ruin can barely contain their excitement. The film’s writer, is Irvine Welsh, and is said to be even more proud of this film in its own right than the first, and he explained the importance of getting the timing of filming to real life, the actors’ real ages and the script in perfect syncronisation. Trainspotting 2 is loosely based on his book, ‘Porno’, released in 2002, and the importance of getting a script together that matched the brilliant subtleties of the first as of paramount importance to the returning cast members. Stopping short of a review, the trailer is something to get excited about – glimpses of the entire cast and an overdose of Underworld’s Born Slippy are exceptionally nostalgic for anyone who has been inside a nightclub over the past 30 years.

For a film to reach classic status is no mean feat – the original Trainspotting was made with just a £1.5m budget and as such brilliantly captured the innovative, bleak and often dark-humoured scenes met with stunning cinematography.

Edinburgh – The Sweetest Spot

Trainspotting 2’s director, Danny Boyle, has spoken about returning to Edinburgh, and the visible changes huge amounts of gentrification has brought about. The city centre looks very different to twenty years ago, with millennials and younger seeing the rise of the internet, and with it, the way we discover new music, how we interact with each other via new ways of communication, and the ways we self-medicate the same emptiness that comes with having it all.

We spoke to website who informed us that, “The invention of legal highs has brought about a new generation of addicts while the old favourites; cocaine, heroin and prescription benzodiazepines are still readily available across the pristine-surfaced, culture-rich capital.”

Similarly the press officer for advised that, “Scotland still has its issues with substance abuse, and as such was named the drug capital of Europe in 2012, with the recession hitting already-poor areas with dropping levels of employment in areas already susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse.”

The original film was heralded for its depiction of lifestyles for heroin addicts in the early 1990s, presenting a bleak but human quality in the film world without over-romantising or glamourising the harsh truths and residing effects on heroin abusers’ immediate social circles.

Trainspotting became a classic for its perfect enactment of the social and political moods of the time. Trainspotting 2 was made with that self-awareness in mind, and its initial success in the box office is likely upon its release in January. Its ability to match its predecessor in cult-classic status will be seen over the next twenty years, depending on its ability capture the very real trials and tribulations of the present day.