No sex toys please we’re British…oh go on then!

As you may be aware I split my time between being the editor of Beauty & Ruin and working on Channel 5’s hit show Sex Pod; the reality show that answers the public’s most intimate questions about sex. This last year the show has really started to kick off which has thankfully led to more work. As a result B & R has certainly taken a bit of a hit in terms of new content.

I’m here to remedy that today by combining the two with today’s review of online sex toy company Darkest Desires

As a TV sex expert I am constantly looking for good online resources to direct people to. Inevitably I am asked questions like ‘if I wanted to experiment with sex toys where would be the best place to start?’

Well my answer for you now is check out Darkest Desires. They were kind enough to send me a few samples to illustrate the services they provide. Let me begin by saying the postage and packaging were magnificent – tracked and discreet postage to my front door. The parcel was packed properly so as to ensure the items arrived in tip top condition. Some of these are quite expensive so you do need to know they are arriving safely!

So I’d asked Scott from DD to send me some examples of starter items in three categories: the fleshlight, app enabled and a mini taster kit of various bits. He exceeded himself in this regard.

What I received

Mystic Treasures Couple’s Kit

This is a fantastic starter kit for the couple who want to broaden their sexual horizons and think toys are the way to go about this. It literally comes with a little version of everything: you get:

  • A vibrator with various different sheaths or skins that change how it can be used – one is a traditional penis shape whilst the other is a little bit more adventurous; a knobbled skin for extra stimulation.
  • A vibrating egg with a corded remote – great for couples’ play time
  • Two rubber cock rings – great fun to anyone who’s never experimented with edging
  • A small but pointy butt plug – if you’re into anal this is certainly a starter piece
  • A pair of transparent oscillating duo balls – these can be inserted and can be used for exciting sexual adventures…wear them to the restaurant? Think of some exciting scenarios!

OhMiBod iPod Vibrator

So this is a lot of fun. There’s a whole host of sex toys out there that work with your smartphone but this one is the one to go for at an affordable retail price of £49.99. It’s a vibrator but the unique trick is that it has a whole pattern of fluid vibrations that match and react to the music on your iPhone / iPod.

As one of my Twitter followers porn star Carly Rae Summers said, “I’d be straight to putting on the drum n bass” – and that’s what this offers you – a sophisticated high end vibrator that reacts to the pulsing beats of your favourite music – probably works best if you like your dance music!

Bobbi Star Ass (Low cost Fleshlight)

So I don’t know about you but I’ve always been fascinated by the Fleshlight. Ever since I heard director Kevin Smith singing their praises on his podcast Smodcast I’ve wanted to try one. The problem is they aren’t cheap. For those of us men who aren’t keen to blow a fortune on masturbatory devices but are still keen to try one of these bad boys out I present to you the Bobbi Star Ass. It’s made of a soft, and strangely tactile rubber that feels great against your skin. This thing really changes the game when it comes to male alone time. Definitely worth a try and at the price of £17.99 why not?

I’ll be doing more reviews of pieces from Darkest Desires’s unique and interesting catalogue as the month’s go on. If you are keen to experiment then why not check out some of this week’s items. Life is short and sex is amazing! Be safe folks!

By Alex Hooper-Hodson