A Look At The Top 5 Unconventional Things To Do In Brighton

Brighton is known for being one of the quirkiest towns in the country, UK, and there are plenty of things that you can do there that are a little more unconventional than your typical visit to the beach or Brighton’s pier. With plenty to do there as it is, such as the arcades, no matter your age or your preference there are many things for you to enjoy. However, you can take it one step further with some of these unconventional things to do in the wonderful seaside town.

The Beach Of The Dead

If you’re heading to Brighton in March, then you should consider heading to the beach to experience the zombies crawling around town. Halloween is celebrated hugely in Brighton so October is another great time to visit, but the crowds can get quite busy during this time. In March, you will be able to experience one of the most staple events in the Brighton calendar as of late and run away from (or with) the zombies.

Daily Poker At Rendezvous

Rendezvous Casino on Brighton Marina is one of the most well-known in the South of England for its weekly poker events, and league, cash games and festivals every year. With a packed full calendar, you can take on the poker tables at this exciting casino to be in with a chance of winning. If you’re looking for an unconventional Las Vegas experience in the heart of Brighton then Rendezvous is the perfect place to go. However, there is a strong chance that you will spot a few poker veterans in the casino on the tables, so before you go you might want to try out some online poker games in order to practice your skills, to leave the casino a winner.

Chess Boxing

Chess-boxing is a combination sport which is played in Brighton and is an exciting event for all to enjoy. This balances the mental and physical elements of both sports meaning there is a chance to win each way. Essentially, the bout is decided by a checkmate or boxing stoppage. You can check out some this event at some of the gyms in Brighton to really get a feel for the sport, giving you something a little more unconventional to do rather than walking on the beach.


If you’ve seen the TV show then you’ll know what Choccywoccydoodah is all about. This renowned chocolatier is always worth a visit if you’re in Brighton, and here, you can try a number of stunning chocolate creations, amazing cakes, hot chocolate and milkshakes to tempt your sweet tooth more than ever.

Burning The Clocks

Burning The Clocks is a unique event where the locals from Brighton & Hove gathered together to make paper and willow lanterns which they carry through the city and then burn on the beach. This happens on December 21st every year, and is put together by Brighton’s community art charity Same Sky. This is a much-love event as it allows the locals to celebrate the festive season no matter the faith creed, age or ability. The event combines a family lantern procession with a fireworks display which over 20,000 spectators turn out to watch every year.