The Best Escape Room in Brighton?

Dr. Wilder, protagonist and creator of the mysterious Bewilder Box escape room in Brighton hooked up with Beauty & Ruin to give us some more details of what all the fuss was about. Bewilder box has a reputation for being the best escape room in Brighton. Read on to find out what an escape room is, and why Bewilder Box is such a unique night out for adults in Brighton, for corporate team building events in Brighton or just for an exciting new experience.

What is an escape room?

An escape room, or escape game, is a live-action and immersive adventure game for teams of people. It usually takes place in a room, or multiple rooms, and follows an interactive story incorporating challenges and puzzles. Teams of people work together to complete challenges and solve puzzles within a limited time. The aim is for you and your team to escape before your time is up. Escape games are akin to a live-action gaming experience where you can actually partake in the action rather than experience it vicariously.

Best Escape Room in Brighton

Bewilder Box’s escape rooms in Brighton are ranked the best on TripAdvisor with hundreds of 5* reviews. As the best escape room in Brighton, we guarantee you’ll be hooked from start to finish. Bewilder Box offers you 60 minutes of immersive fun and mentally stimulating games for your family, friends or colleagues looking to share a unique experience and time together in Brighton. You can participate in a team of 2-7 individuals and work together to solve mysteries and be the best recruits you can be.

Not only are games at Bewilder Box in Brighton fun and interactive, they are also suitable for a range of different age groups. Our games are ideal for stag and hen parties, families (kids, teens, parents, and the rest), work teambuilding events and couples looking for something different to do together. Completing our escape room game is one of the best ways to spend an hour. Come along for some quality family time, work as a team to solve puzzles and achieve something together. You can encourage children and young people to take a break from the usual leisure games and join the family in some mentally stimulating fun at Bewilder Box escape rooms in Brighton.

Whoever you pick for your team, you will work together to be the best that you can be. You and your team will love solving our creative puzzles, unlocking cryptic clues, and overcoming challenges. Our storylines are engaging and get you involved from the start; with a live actor as your host and our clever hint-giving system – D.A.V.E. – everything will be explained, and you’ll never feel alone in the room. You and your team will be set the challenge to escape the room but will also be set on a mission to complete an important quest. If you succeed, you will be amongst the best Bewilder Box recruits in Brighton.

What to expect from Bewilder Box escape room games

At Bewilder Box, our puzzles and stories are custom-made, bringing you unique and diverse quests with intriguing storylines. If you escape the room in less than 60 minutes, you be recruited into The Initiative and join the best of the best. And never fear, if you get stuck, you are not alone in there. You will be briefed by your host before you start the game and supported throughout by your host and the Bewilder Box supercomputer D.A.V.E. if you need any hints. Whatever the outcome, taking part in a Bewilder Box escape rooms in Brighton is going to be a fun and challenging adventure for you.

In addition to this, throughout the game, you will encounter amazing featured characters like Hugo Myatt – the star of legendary 80’s TV game show Knightmare – or Norman Lovett – aka Holly from cult sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf.

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