Natural Permanent Makeup – Pros and Cons

Anyone who has spent even the shortest time in any sort of beauty circles will have heard of microblading. The trend hit it big roughly a year ago. Through the use of hairline abrasions, the pigment is inserted into the dermis of the skin. This creates the appearance of fuller and darker eyebrows, instantly. Microblading is only one of the many forms of natural permanent makeup. The trend exploded almost overnight.

While tattoos have been around for centuries, it wasn’t until the early 1980’s when doctors started experimenting with the idea of using tattoos to help patients suffering from conditions such as alopecia. Since then the idea behind permanent makeup has taken off. “Every day hundreds of women and men undergo the process to enhance their natural features.” explains Dermani Medspa.

There are both pros and cons to having natural permanent makeup applied and it is strongly advised that if you consider the procedure that you consult a trained professional such as the folk at both beforehand and after the procedure is completed, during your recovery process.

The Good

Having the natural permanent makeup applied is a great way to save time. Many women, for instance, will have permanent lip liner applied to avoid having to consistently reapply lip liner throughout the day. This will give the wearer a fuller pout without much hassle.

It’s subtle, the pigments used in the application are soft and meant to enhance the body’s natural features. Many women undergo this so as to not have anyone know that they actually underwent the procedure. In essence, the client will look like themselves only an enhanced version.

Those who have allergies to traditional makeup often turn to permanent makeup as a substitute. The same can be said for those clients who are unable to apply their makeup due to restrictions on movement. For these patients, natural permanent makeup offers an alternative which can enhance facial features instantly and it lasts for years. There is also no downtime needed after have the natural permanent makeup applied.

The Bad

If natural permanent makeup is not applied by a professional there could be serious health implications. Many women and men have been left with permanent scars after making use of the services of untrained persons. Some clients have also experienced adverse reactions to either the topical anaesthetic used or the actual pigments.

It is of utmost importance that clients always seek out the services of highly trained professionals before having the procedure completed. Technicians need to be able to work on very delicate areas of the body and will need to be certified to do so.

Despite some moderate pain during the procedure, side effects of having natural permanent makeup are very rare and in most cases, the majority of complaints are of dissatisfaction with the end results. Trained technicians will be able to perfectly match their clients with a range of colours to provide them with the best result possible. In many cases, those who are unhappy with their results are the ones who did not make sure that the person they have chosen is qualified.