Can You Be Pregnant and Still Chic?

Even if you’re pregnant, you can find the perfect clothes, accessories and beauty regimen to make you look in-style, whether indoors and outdoors and regardless of the season or time of the year!

You shouldn’t be worried you may not keep up with fashion or your cute looks just because you’re pregnant. In fact, being pregnant doesn’t mean you should give up your personal style. You just need to find the right option that flatters your shape and beauty.

Now, let’s get you started on the perfect maternity fashion and beauty advice so you can continue to feel and look gorgeous all the way.

First, know the basics

The first thing you need to do is to buy maternity clothing that use fabrics to help achieve a stylish look while also properly supporting your bulge in a convenient way. You should also invest in fashion that will fit you throughout the nine months.

Show off your gorgeous baby bump

While the breezy maternity clothes make your movements light and easy, you shouldn’t shy away from occasionally trying on a body-con dress or top that emphasizes your cute baby bulge. If you’re going out for a social event or just taking a leisurely evening stroll, you can choose a perfect gown that embraces your sweet bump and makes you feel sexy.

In summer, lightweight clothing is cooler

The key to keeping the heat off and staying warm and refreshed with a summer pregnancy is to go with lightweight maternity clothes made of natural fibers. Stay off synthetic clothing materials such as rayon and polyester to avoid excessive sweating and loads of discomfort.  You should also be aware that light-colored clothes are usually more convenient than dark-colored clothes.

Put more thought into your footwear

Besides the tummy, one of the easily noticeable alterations in a pregnant woman’s body are the feet that tend to swell, especially during the third trimester.  So, to stay pregnant and fashionable, don’t forget to get some really nice and comfortable shoes and sandals. Find a lovely pair of sneakers that match or mix well with your maternity wear. Flat lace-up sandals are a good choice, as you can easily adjust them to what your need at anytime. You can also find some stylish, feminine flats to give you all the comfort and impeccable look you crave.

Invest in accessories

Do you just love to accessorize? You certainly shouldn’t stop now. Accessories can no doubt accentuate one’s look and this might be the best time to play it up a little. If you’re heading to the beach, make sure not to leave your straw hat behind to both protect you from the sun and keep you chic. Got a pair of star sunglasses? Put it on to look cool especially if you’re donning a simple outfit. And get that pretty lipstick on to make you look more beautiful.

Keep your hair off your face

Don’t let your hair down or get all in your face. Make sure to style it and keep it neatly together, either in a top-knot bun or woven into braids.  It will help you beat the midday heat and avoid a bad hair day.

Try acupuncture

Why has acupuncture remained a popular beauty therapy since ancient times? Because generally it makes people better. For pregnant women, acupuncture can help deal with symptoms such as the nausea, cramps, headaches, mental stress and even weight gain.

In recent times, pregnant women who go for acupuncture for pregnancy  to relieve pain have often observed that their looks have improved too. This has given rise to ‘acupuncture facials’ which targets glowing skin.

What most people do not know is that acupuncture is also helpful in treating small, common beauty issues such as de-puffing a swollen face, clearing up acne and brightening dull skin.

Acupuncture is reasonably safe but, to make doubly sure, ensure that you use an experienced practitioner as pregnancy is a delicate state that requires the utmost care.

Stay Feminine

A woman’s dress is still that one piece that showcases her femininity. And I’m talking about the knit-dress! Smooth, elegant and super convenient, it captures all the charming curves of your pregnant figure. Whether you go for a simple knit dress or opt for a detailed piece with all kinds of drapery, it will no doubt add some style to your beautiful changing shape.  You can jazz up the look with a smart blazer or bomber jacket.

Generally, keep in mind your pregnant body type and size

There are typically four body shapes and sizes types of women when pregnant: Big, small, high and low. If your baby weight distributes all over, it makes you look big when pregnant. If you fall in this category,  you should consider using fabrics that are soft and have longer lines. You’ll feel comfortable, while also accentuating your beautiful bump.

Your lovely belly will rest above your hip if your baby is sitting low. Clothes that are soft on the waistline are ideal for those carrying low. Below-the- bump cuts are particularly chic, and if you nip it, it’s even cuter as it emphasizes your figure.

If you’re carrying high, use colour-block, ties and high belts to separate your bust from your bulge. Get creative and make some simple changes to the pieces you already have in your wardrobe.  

Pregnant women who are petite are normally small all over and their bump just goes out, while the rest of them appear small. That should be a cue to play up with your maternity fashion to create a pretty look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with  some fashion risk and have fun at it. Skinny jeans, graphic prints and the like work well.

Whether you’re wearing a flowing gown or skin-tight clothes, the key is to stay true to your fashion style and stick with what you like. Being pregnant shouldn’t mean throwing out your favorite dresses. You can still rock your regular clothing and make it look carefree.