What Is The Price Tag Of A Luxury Lifestyle?

The luxury market is booming, with people seeking the most exclusive products, services and experiences to suit their tastes and budgets. Some of the most exclusive postcodes in the U.K. receive deliveries of beluga caviar in abundance, with others travelling only to private islands for the ultimate paradise getaway.  But if money is no object, how much will it cost you to enjoy your luxury vice?

Wine and food

From Civet coffee salvaged from monkey droppings to bumper packs of caviar harvested from Beluga Salmon, for many, exclusive foods are the ultimate luxury vice. Not forgetting drinks. Champagne is still a firm favourite of the wealthy, but cocktails continue to rise in popularity too.

The most expensive cocktail in the world is currently sold in London, combining a vintage Champagne and a rare Armagnac. It has a price tag of £8,888 and comes complete with a sheet of gold leaf.


From one off classic Ferraris to vehicles used in film and TV, cars fetch big money. Those that can afford it have taken to tailor-making their Bentleys with bespoke paintwork, top technology and precious stones.

If it is a modern wonder you are dreaming of then the Aston Martin Vulcan at a pretty £2.4 million may be just the one for you.

Image source: MAHI Leather


A luxury yacht, whether it is a preowned luxury boat or a custom-built new vessel will see you rubbing shoulders with the elite. Whether you prefer the scene of the local yacht club or further afield in the harbour of Monaco, high end boats are the choice of many. Choose from sunbathing on deck, enjoying alfresco dining or motoring across the waves.

A super yacht such as the one owned by the Sheikh of Dubai would set you back a cool £270 million.


Everyone recognises the brand Rolex, but of late it has been challenged in the luxury market by the likes of Panerai. For a dash more bling, the current trend is to encrust your beloved watch with diamonds. Even once you’ve bought your new timepiece, don’t forget to factor in the cost of watch repairs and servicing to keep it looking shiny and expensive.

If you prefer your watch complete with diamonds. Let us suggest the Rolex GMT 116769TBR for around £330,000.


Would you opt for a sprawling estate on a private island, a French chateaux complete with its own vineyard or a penthouse overlooking the finest city in the world? For those with a millionaire’s lifestyle, why not combine elements of all three.

The most expensive house sold worldwide in 2016 was a mansion in Hong Kong for £221 million.


Travel around the world and back again, visit places that others have only dreamed of, stay at the Burj Al Arab, take part in safaris on private resorts and enjoy round the world cruises and privately chartered jets.

If you fancy splashing out on your next trip, the most expensive hotel room is located at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland. One night’s stay in The Royal Penthouse Suite will set you back £47,000.

So whether it is a bespoke watch or a luxury cruiser that piques your interest, if your bank account allows, then the world truly is your oyster.