Choosing a Brighton wedding photographer – a simple guide

All the small moments and little details matter as much as the big moments of your special day. Why leave anything out when you can have it all captured from the feet rocking to the music on the dance floor to the heartfelt speeches coming from the ones you love. Your Brighton wedding is the most beautiful chapter of your love story and the right photographer should help you tell it.

Wedding Photographer for Every Kind of Wedding in Sussex

Every wedding is different from the last and this is part of what people love about weddings. Each partner brings their own unique set of tastes and preferences, producing a lovely fusion that cannot be duplicated. Sometimes, it’s an extravagant ceremony in a hotel like Buxted Park Hotel or Deans Place Hotel, and other times, it’s an intimate ceremony with only a handful of people.

It hardly matters whether the couple decides on a barn wedding held in a beautiful venue such as Brookfield Barn, Bartholomew Barn, or Cuckmere Barns, or decides to wed in a magical castle or Regency town house like Castle Goring and Angel House. The result is always a unique ceremony that is perfect for the particular couple.

Sussex wedding photographer, Jeff Woodall adds “Regardless of your tastes, you can rest assured your wedding pictures will come out as magical as can be and better than expected. A picture may tell a thousand words, but the feelings it communicates are unquantifiable.”

Choose a Professional Photographer Tell Your Love Story

All over Brighton and all over Sussex, Brighton photographers have told the stories of countless couples through their lenses and it never gets old. Having the right person document the story of the first day of the rest of your life is about as important as the dress or the cake. Your choice has to be perfect. You may only wear your dress once, but the photos are forever.

Weddings may be simply weddings to some, but there is always a new way to tell a love story. It’s important your photographer understands that different persons have different expectations for what they want their big day to be like and how they want their most special moments captured; it allows you to expect to have your desires fulfilled.

Even when a couple isn’t quite sure what they want, a photographer can use what they have learned about them to produce results they’ll be thrilled with. You’ll work together to tell your story in the most special of ways.

The venue that a couple picks speaks volumes about what they expect, even if they don’t have the words to explain. Some of the best Brighton / Sussex weddings are weddings held in lovely barns like The Sussex Barn, Pangdean Old Barn, Upwaltham Barns, and Long Furlong Barn, among others.

Timeless Memories Now and Forever

A moment is gone forever once it has been experienced and that is why we have memories to remind us. Sometimes, even memory fades or we might not be able to adequately communicate how we felt about that special moment. With the perfect photos, you’ll not only preserve your most precious memories for eternity, but others will get a taste of your joy without you having to say aa word.

Your Brighton wedding photographer should know just how important the venue is for creating timeless photos, and they should always take their time to really look at a venue before the big day. By ‘learning’ the venue, a photographer should be able to arm themselves with a backdrop with which to think more creatively about all the new ideas they could try. Some favourite venues are Wootton Farm Estate, Findon Manor Hotel, Pelham House Hotel, and the magnificent manor house Broyle Place.

Whether you live in Sussex, or are planning to come get married in the area, you can relax if you know you have found the photographer to bring to the fore the magic of your wedding. A good photographer’s work is not only timeless, but should be absolutely beautiful and exciting.

The most authentic stories are the best

The best approach is for couples to be themselves as they enjoy their special day. A Brighton wedding photographer should aim to capture all the beautiful emotions in their rawest form, producing timeless photos of their beautiful Sussex wedding.

From the wedding preparations early in the morning to the culmination of the ceremony late in the evening, not a vital moment should be missed.

The Process

Working with a photographer should be as simple as can be. From the first time you reach out for an enquiry to having your photo album delivered, you need to be assured of a seamless working relationship.

Planning stage

Once you decide who to work with you need to set up a meeting as it is important to discuss one on one what your vision is for your wedding, as well as other vital details pertaining to your wedding photography. A good photographer should provide a free consultation – free of any obligations. You’ll talk about your plans and work through how the photography will work on your big day, helping you get a clear idea of what to expect.

Visit to the Venue

Your photographer should visit the venue of your choice at least a month to the day in order to get a feel of what it would look like on your wedding day. Sussex is filled with tons of incredible venues that always help to create the right feel. Some of the well-known ones include Grittenham Barn, Wickwoods, Laughton Barns, and Blackstock Estate. Sussex wedding blogazine Love Sussex Weddings has a directory with more venues.