The Best Skincare Brands for 2021

Perhaps you start your mornings with an extensive 10-step routine. Maybe the classic cleanser-moisturizer-sunscreen combination is all you need. Your personal approach to skincare might fall somewhere in the middle. In any case, quality is no less important than quantity.

But in a time where an exfoliator can cost anything from dozens to hundreds of dollars, how do you figure out what’s truly worth lathering onto your skin? It certainly helps to know who you can always turn to for effective products. With this in mind, here are the best brands to see your skin through 2021 and beyond.


While their dermatologist-recommended products tend to look quite premium, Neutrogena has long stood as proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune on reliable skincare. Plus, you can find their formulations just about anywhere, from online retailers to your local pharmacy.

This brand focuses on using research-backed ingredients that target every concern and complexion. Whether it’s acne or ageing, chances are that Neutrogena has the solution you seek.


The luxury Melbourne-based Aesop is renowned for their clean and ethical approach to skincare. From the eye-catching minimalist packaging designs to the natural botanical blends that lie within, there are several reasons why their products stand out. Another is their comprehensive range designed to treat all common skincare needs.

You can even pick up a couple of critter-friendly cleansers for your pet. As for where, the beauty range by Aesop is available worldwide thanks to the SSENSE online store. If you enjoy the finer things in life, be sure to check out the rest of the website, which offers an endless selection of designer clothing labels and high-end skincare brands.

Drunk Elephant

Despite the admirable name and adorable packaging, Drunk Elephant is serious about effective skincare. The company began as a way for its founder, Tiffany Masterton, to get through the recession, but went on to do much more than that. Drunk Elephant now stocks an excellent range of creams, cleansers, serums, masks and more.


For more than two decades, SkinCeuticals has been the go-to option for those who value science-backed skincare. It’s especially popular in the medical community, which speaks for the level of quality you can expect from their products.

Among the wide array of treatments on offer – most of which target ageing – the hero product is their C E Ferulic serum. You definitely won’t struggle to find cheaper alternatives, but you get what you pay for here. With everything from an array of antioxidants to vitamins and ferulic acid, this serum is the way to go.


Last but not least is Golde, which is unique in their approach to skincare. Instead of the typical range of topicals, the brand focuses on superfoods that you can either apply topically or sprinkle on your food and eat to enjoy the same benefits. Golde also sells delicious latte blends with ingredients such as cacao and turmeric.

Let’s end off with a few honourable mentions. This includes Klur, Alpyn Beauty, The Ordinary and Bolden.