The World’s Most Expensive Jewellery

The world offers such a variety of interesting and enriching culture’s and inspiring past events and jewellery is like the tiny parcel of this history that we get to sculpt to flawlessness. Berganza Hatton garden jewellers bring to life the essence of the jewels past and encase this moving history in a beautiful design.

The price tags

So many of these pieces of beautiful jewellery are extremely expensive, which makes most people curious as to why. If the jewellery is an antique, it becomes costlier because it holds unique history.  The exclusivity of these shockingly expensive pieces of jewellery around the world is what increases the prices. An example of this is the Heart Of The Ocean diamond – which originally came from the 1997 film Titanic.

The older it is, the more chance of having interesting stories that have travelled with it, making it more limited and exclusive; hence, more desired. Think about it, many people will happily pay thousands, even millions of pounds for one specific piece of jewellery. The more people crave being in ownership of the jewellery, the higher the price rises.

In other terms, the older the piece of jewellery is, the more intriguing the history it has and the higher the demand on this piece, the higher the price will sky-rocket.

Looking beyond the cost

Those who buy these luxurious pieces of jewellery understand that the price is just a barrier between them not owning the jewellery and owning the parcel of history that this jewellery is. Take a look at the most expensive pieces of jewellery in this infographic and you’ll soon become inspired by the history-engulfed within these jewels.

How much money would you spend on a piece of jewellery that holds an amazing past? Give us your opinions in the comments!