8 Fashionable Accessories You Should Rock This Summer

Whether you are a fashionista or not, it is important to know that the accessories you wear can make or break your style ensemble.

Summer is just around the corner, and there’s no denying that 2018 is the most fashionably competitive year yet. So, if you are looking for some stylish elegance come June, consider enhancing your wardrobe with two or more of these accessories.

1. Vivid floral scarfs

You might need a scarf as a necessity in cold weather, but scarves aren’t just for winter. You can transform a simple bland outfit into a style statement with a vivid floral scarf. Summer colours such as viva blue and berry pink add a cheery touch to any fashion getup. They provide just the right amount of colour to make your whole look pop.

2. Modern aviators

Sunglasses are an easy way to spruce up your outfit, and they are affordable summer accessories. Travelling somewhere sunny? Buy a new pair for your trip to vary the pair usually seen in your pictures. You’ll definitely get tired of seeing the same pair in all your fun photos.

Besides the common round frames and mirrored lenses, the more contemporary style aviators are already a favourite this year, and it’s not even summer yet. Look for frames with cool shapes, prominent brow bars, and warm colours, to give your regular outfit an updated look.

3. Reversible print clutch bags

Clutch bags recently became a hit and, ever since, style icons have added them to their fashion ensemble to various events. They are not only light and easy to carry, they come in lovely colours that accentuate the shades of your blouse or skirt. This is something modern fashionistas love about clutches.

Designs like on these print Rachel Pally clutches are reversible, so you can turn them inside out to change the look and design. Talk about a versatile accessory. Who wouldn’t love a print clutch bag paired with a sundress on a warm summer afternoon?

4. Clog sandals

Last year, block heel and flat-form sandals trended for a while, and even made it through to this year. Only now, the trend has evolved into the clog sandal, which is as practical as it is convenient. If you enjoy traveling in heels, this accessory is a chic, comfortable alternative. It is also a welcome change from the usual summertime wedge.

Guess what? They are also suitable for beach walks, in case you happen to stroll by the sea in the evenings. Don’t push them aside. Come summer, you’ll be glad you own a pair.

5. Floppy straw hat

This accessory may be more functional than accessorial, but who says you can’t have a bit of fun with it? As you ward off the sunlight and sunburn with a wide-brimmed hat, do it with chic style. Straw hats are light and comfy. The floppy straw hat comes with a self-tie bow at the crown, to add that femme expression.

You can wear it to the beach or the poolside, even with your bikini. When selecting a hat, make sure you go for something that fits snugly. You don’t want to keep holding on to your head at the slightest gush of wind. Because it is floppy, the straw hat can easily be adjusted to the direction of the sun. We love to accessorize with Leopard Print.

6. Havasu belt

The name may sound weird, but the Havasu belt is making it into our summer accessories list this year. Its simplicity and unique fabric make it a favourite style get-up among many fashionable young women.

You can bring a plain sundress to life by simply cinching it at the centre with a turquoise Havasu belt. Summer is about going casual, and nothing says laid-back like a brightly coloured piece of burlap fabric fastened around your waist.

7. Flower print book bag

It is not a book bag because it has a bookish feel. Summer is the time for plenty of leisure outings and most of them can be spent reading at an outdoor café or in the park. A book bag, therefore, makes a handy accessory for storing your books. But it is not only practical, some come in various attractive shades and designs.

From leather to fabric and native material, a print book bag can come in many different designs. Be sure to avoid placing them on the floor, as it can ruin the quality of the material. The next time you go shopping, consider adding it to your cart.

8. Minimalist collars

Seems like vintage style is coming back. From chokers to necklaces and collars, more and more women are opting for beautiful neck pieces like those sold at Leo Hamel’s Jewelry Store. If you are into minimalist designs, you will love the simple collar look, and the layered kind. Wear this accessory in summer with a trendy off-shoulder gypsy-blouse and dress. Minimalist collars can also be used to perk up a simple V-neck top, or any wear with an ordinary neckline.

For sure, if you have two or more of these items, you are in for a truly chic summer, and we can’t wait!