3 Ingredients That Damage Your Skin

Do you take the time to read all the ingredients of your skin care products? If you’re like most consumers, you probably don’t look beyond the name, brand, price tag, and uses indicated on a product. That’s completely understandable unless you have an allergy, in which case knowing what goes in products becomes absolutely important.

But there’s also a reason why organic & natural beauty products are so in-demand. “Be on the lookout for the following ingredients, because they might be damaging your skin more than they take care for it. Treating yourself to a facial treatment every now and then will do wonders for your skin.  Also, professionals are always happy to discuss and advise what skin care products are best suited to your skin.” explains treatment expert, Match Skin Salon.


Phenoxyethanol is a commonly used antibacterial preservative used in cosmetics. Its main purpose is to stop bacteria and fungi from spoiling the cosmetic product, but studies have shown that it may have more insidious effects on your skin and body. Phenoxyethanol has been scientifically proven to irritate human skin and eyes.  Phenoxyethanol exposure may lead to various side effects such as eczema or increased allergic reactions, and even affect the nervous system of infants that are exposed to it orally. It’s so dangerous for the skin that the Japanese government has restricted its use in any and all types of cosmetics.


Alcohols are commonly used as a base ingredient in cosmetics, mainly to help other ingredients enter your skin. The way it achieves this is by breaking down your skin’s natural barriers, allowing things like vitamins to enter your system. It has been proven to be very efficient at achieving this and facilitating the absorption of other beneficial ingredients found in conventional skincare products, but alcohol also unfortunately leads to dry and damaged skin. It may be allowing good nutrients to enter your body easier, but it does so at the cost of irritating and slowly eroding your skin, which is counter-productive considering the products that use these alcohols are meant to be taking care of your skin and repairing damage. We recommend switching to organic skin care which are less dependent on alcohols, making them less harmful to your skin.


These are an infamous kind of chemical that, like alcohols, allow other chemicals to enter your body easier. According to the World Health Organization, dioxins are persistent environmental pollutants or POP’s that are mainly found in the fatty tissues of animals. Majority of human exposure comes from food consumption, but dioxins have also been found in cosmetic products. They are highly carcinogenic, are endocrine disruptors, and are highly linked to cancer. Dioxin use has been restricted in some countries, but are still used in some skin-care products and non-organic tampons. They aren’t listed on labels or ingredient lists, but can be found in other antibacterial components like triclosan.

It’s terrifying how drastic the effects of these ingredients on our health and skin can be, especially when you realise how many of the products you use everyday like shampoo, makeup, and facial cleansers could contain them. It’s because of this that we strongly recommend organic skin care products, as they are less likely to contain these ingredients. Why not also treat yourself to skin rejuvenation – a facial could be just what you need to hydrate and get your skin feeling fresh and back to normal again!