WEARING // Trying Something New

IMG_5514We had to have a quick half a pint at the White Rabbit before the hard work and posing took place… don’t you agree?!




Vintage (Dirty Harry) Levi 501 jeans / Topshop top / H&M jacket, bag & rings / Vintage ring / ASOS sunglasses / Urban Outfitters scarf / Black Timberland boots.

Since having moved from the countryside village of Lingfield, to the forever inspiring city of Brighton, my style and fashion influences having become a lot more varied and open minded. I also spent a lot of time in London, Shoreditch mainly. There are definitely hints of Brighton style within London, however shapes tend to be a lot more clean cut and Celine-like. Brighton has an emphasis on an eclectic mix of grunge and vintage style. As a result I thought I would take advantage of my more recent surroundings and see how I could take on this style. It’s a definite change from my wholly monochrome palette, although I couldn’t help have some prominent black features (that’s grunge style, right?!?!)

My dad bought me these vintage Levi 501 jeans from a vintage store in the North Lanes called Dirty Harry, along with a beautiful, chunky, black shearling coat for himself. This is one of the most popular vintage shops in Brighton, emphasised by the fact that they also sell their own brand hoodies, T’s etc.

Seeing as I’m becoming quite settled in Brighton, I can see my style evolving a lot in the near future to something a little more interesting as I’m constantly inspired by new styles outside of London. I’ll be experimenting quite a lot in the upcoming posts. Do you think this is something you guys might like?